Urban Discovery of a Spooky Deserted Mansion with a Sordid Hollywood Past

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Embark with me on a haunting journey as I delve into the depths of an expansive, eerie, abandoned mansion with a chilling Hollywood past.






Erected in the late 1800s, this historic manor graces approximately 10 acres of land, earmarked for imminent commercial development and an unfortunate rendezvous with the wrecking ball. However, before it succumbs to its inevitable demise, let’s peel back the layers and unearth the clandestine tales concealed within its crumbling walls.

This forsaken mansion, once a grand farmhouse, boasts a genuinely sinister history, having played a pivotal role in several iconic horror films and even a heartwarming Christmas classic.






In 1980, it took centre stage as a funeral home in “Funeral Home: Cries in the Night.”

The eerie ambience lent itself seamlessly to the 1996 film “Buried Secrets.”

Fans of Goosebumps may recall its haunting presence in the 1997 episode “Night of The Living Dummy 3.”

Even Hallmark captured its allure in the 2002 film “A Christmas Visitor.”






The mansion’s intriguing journey in the real estate market adds another layer to its mystique. Initially listed at an unbelievable $1 in November 2018, it began its descent into neglect during this period. Fast forward to April 2021, and it reemerged on the market with a staggering $14,000,000 price tag. Finally, in 2022, a new custodian emerged, acquiring the property for $11,000,000.






Accompany me on this urban exploration escapade through the abandoned mansion, where we’ll unravel its cinematic legacy and immerse ourselves in the eerie ambience of a place that has borne witness to both horrifying and heartwarming moments.






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