I took pictures of Dutch Heather in various seasons (16 pics).

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A few years ago, I released my “Purple Dream” heather series, which is still hugely popular today. It featured photographs of the Dutch heather landscapes in August, when everything goes purple. However, the heather is attractive in all colors. All seasons are intriguing.

The Dutch heather is depicted throughout the year in this new series called “Dutch Heather Seasons,” from the typical purple views in the spring to the frosty winter months. We also experienced an unprecedented drought this year, which turned the heather much redder.

Overall, Dutch heather is a beautiful subject to photograph, especially in the mornings that are foggy. The heather fields near Hilversum were used to film the entire series!

More info: albertdros.com

#1 Heather Season 2016


When the heather is at its most colorful in mid-August. This sight, which has a setting moon and a stunning twilight glow before sunrise, seems almost surreal.

#2 Autumn 2018


The sun just rose, casting lovely, gentle light beams through the front tree. A lovely morning was created by the contrast between the frost and the hues of autumn.

#3 2017 Summer


trees and lush grass. A misty morning with a group of the occasional Scottish highlanders you see in the heather fields. Even though they have a terrifying appearance, if you don’t disturb them, they won’t hurt anyone.

#4 Heather Season 2016


An odd encounter with Daphne, a shepherd, and her pack of dogs and sheep Prior to that specific morning when I met Daphne, I was unaware that shepherds existed in this country. I was fortunate to witness this lovely scene with a magnificent sunrise.

#5 2017 January


Practically everything on the heather fields was blanketed in thick frost. Seeing all of the trees totally coated with frost is really unusual.

#6 2016 August


The hedging season is in full swing. A wonderful morning glow and all the heather’s gorgeous purple coloring shed light on the layer of fog.

#7 2016 Early morning, late summer


It was beautiful to roam around with the early blue hour circumstances and the first sunrays hitting the fog.

#8 2017 Winter


On the Hilversum heather fields, there was an unusual frost on the trees and pretty much everywhere else. I was fortunate to photograph these incredibly rare situations that winter.

#9 November, 2018


#10 2016 Winter


An attractive dawn with lovely cloud patterns on a chilly morning near Hilversum’s heather fields.

#11 Heather Season 2017


lovely cloud shapes in the morning. Although the 2017 heather season was not as lovely as the one in 2016, the sunrises during the purple heather were magnificent.

#12 Heather Season 2018


Early in the morning, it was quite foggy.The exceptional dryness we saw this year turned the heather crimson rather than purple. This has never happened to me before.

#13 2017 January


It was an extremely overcast day with constant frost on the trees. Those are quite uncommon circumstances. Normally, I don’t like skies that dark, but on this particular day, it fit the mood well.

#14 Early Summer 2018


The heather fields may not look all that intriguing in the early summer. But between the oddly curved trees, there is always something to photograph.

#15 2016 August


Early morning sun coming over the woods during the late heather season.

#16 Late Autumn of 2018


Frost covered the ground on a chilly morning. The final hues of autumn and the white frost make for a stunning contrast.


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