Elsa Pataky’s Outfit Sparks Heated Debate at Hubby Chris Hemsworth’s Walk of Fame Ceremony

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It was a huge day for Chris Hemsworth on Thursday as the Hollywood hunk received his very own star on the iconic Walk of Fame. The Thor actor was joined by his stunning wife Elsa Pataky and their two adorable 10-year-old twin sons, Sasha and Tristan, to celebrate the major career milestone. But while all eyes should have been on Chris, it was Elsa’s outfit choice that ended up stealing the spotlight – and not in a good way.

Image credits: Gilbert Flores/Variety

The 40-year-old Australian’s star was unveiled at 6819 Hollywood Boulevard right in front of the Ovation Hollywood venue, cementing his place among Tinseltown’s biggest stars in the Motion Pictures category. A picture-perfect family photo capturing Chris proudly showing off his new star alongside Elsa and the kids made its way onto Just Jared’s Instagram – and that’s when the fashion police came out in full force.

Image credits: hwdwalkoffame

The comments section exploded with criticism over the 46-year-old Spanish model’s black and white two-piece ensemble. Scores of style watchdogs felt her outfit was totally inappropriate for such a formal, high-profile event. “Why is she wearing pajamas?” one commenter bluntly asked, with others echoing the sentiment that Elsa looked like she had rolled straight out of bed.

It just got worse from there, with some accusing the mom-of-three of wearing actual lingerie to her husband’s big day. “Someone please get a stylist for her,” one person pleaded, while another snarky observer said, “Oh, she’s out in her nightgown…” Yikes! Even her hair and makeup didn’t escape scrutiny, with one particularly harsh critic slamming her “bed hair” and lack of a bra.

Not everyone was so quick to drag Elsa’s look though. One of her few defenders chimed in, “I guess I’m the only one to say she looks stunning in that set! It doesn’t look like lingerie to me.” You go, girl!

Image credits: hwdwalkoffame

While his wife’s fashion faux pas threatened to overshadow the occasion, Chris was still able to bask in the glory with a hilarious roast courtesy of his Avengers pal Robert Downey Jr. The Iron Man star gathered playful three-word descriptors of the Aussie actor from co-stars like Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans that had the audience cracking up.

But RDJ also took a moment to get serious, heaping praise on Chris as “a remarkable human being” with “a true wit and depth of soul.” He even hyped up the leading man’s hotly anticipated new flick Furiosa: A Mad Max Story, boldly declaring, “This is going to be the film of 2024.”

While Elsa’s outfit erupted into a full-blown fashion firestorm, her hubby was able to enjoy his well-deserved moment at long last. Still, you can bet the stylish Spaniard will be bringing her A-game to any future red carpet events!

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