Heartwarming Farewell for Faithful Service Dog’s Last Flight Home

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Kaya was more than just a loyal service dog to Marine Corps veteran Cole Lyle—she was his best friend, saving him from PTSD and suicidal thoughts. Kaya’s incredible impact on Cole’s life led the pair to lobby for the PAWS Act, which provided dog training for veterans with PTSD, eventually inspiring a national law allowing veterans to receive service dogs.

Sadly, Kaya is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and Cole realizes he can no longer bear to see her suffer. So, he decided to fly her home on their trusted airline, Southwest Airlines, more than 250 times for her final journey.
During the flight, the pilot made a special announcement in Kaya’s honor, explaining her work as a service dog and how she helped pass the PAWS Act. Kaya received a huge compliment from the plane she was on, and Kaya nodded in response.

When they arrived in Dallas, the airline provided a cart for Kaya’s mobility issues, ensuring her final journey was as comfortable as possible.
Although Kaya is no longer with us, her legacy lives on. She made a difference, made a massive difference in the lives of countless veterans, and most of all, she was Cole’s loving best friend. Rest in peace, Kaya – you will be missed. After they arrived in Dallas, the airline provided a cart for Kaya’s mobility issues. Sadly, Kaya passed away a few days later, and Cole announced the news on Twitter, thanking her for calling her “Semper Fidelis.”

Rest in peace, Kaya. You made a significant impact on the world and were a loyal friend to Cole. Your legacy will inspire people; we hope you are now at peace.
Kaya is not with us today; her memories will always be with us.


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