I captured hundreds of abandoned structures on camera and revealed their secrets

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I softly close the car door while it’s still dark outside. There was no lights in the nearby homes, and everyone was still asleep. The weather is chilly. I gather my belongings and proceed to the remote area that is virtually completely uninhabited. every time thrilling!

My thoughts turn to how things used to be while I shoot the images. What became of the cheerful individuals seated at the kitchen table? How come they left? Workers in factories who are paused and miners who are smoking irresponsibly. What do they currently do?

I wanted to gradually reveal their secrets in my book. My artistic interpretation of “secrets from yesterday.”

More info: mjbphotography.nl

Last meal


huge cheers and a red carpet

I only desired a fur coat

The Meat Cutler

Slat Doll

 for the Master, sewing

The staircase is unending

 a vintage rocking horse

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