In the “Abandoned Beauty” Facebook group, 39 of the most breathtaking abandoned locations were shared

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You’re in luck if you love architecture and the legends surrounding deserted buildings. A Facebook group called “Abandoned Beauty”, with over 808 thousand members is devoted to the beauty of once-abandoned locations. Urban explorers (urbex) may locate and share amazing pictures of abandoned buildings in this community, a goldmine for them. Here, you may interact with other urban exploration enthusiasts and upvote the images you like the most.

#1 The Devil’s Bridge, the first German city of Kromlau, is home to an intriguingly constructed bridge

#2 Dunnottar Castle, Incredible Coastal Fortress from the 15th Century – A medieval castle in Scotland with a breathtaking coastline vista

#3 19th-century abandoned greenhouse – A 19th-century abandoned greenhouse with no known past

The Urbex Club’s creator, Attila Deák, a Hungarian 3D artist, creative director, architect, and photographer, discusses his experiences looking into abandoned urban constructions. The team’s urbex trips are chronicled on the website The Urbex Club. The crew has been to more than 260 locations worldwide, including 45 different nations’ worth of hotels, castles, barracks, warehouses, villas, hospitals, and cultural centres. They have investigated several well-known ruins worldwide, including the Ghost Hotel in Bali, the enormous abandoned hotels in Croatia, and 30+ ancient temples, Angkor in Cambodia, Chornobyl, and Pripyat in Ukraine.

#4 Left behind. France – There needs to be more information available about this abandoned location in France

#5 Abandoned Building in the Wild – An unidentified abandoned structure in the woodland

#6 Incredible Witch Mansion Hidden Deep Among The Forest Ireland – A magnificent witch home may be found amid the country’s dense woodlands

Since he was nine years old, when Hungary’s communist period ended, and the land was replete with recently abandoned structures left by the Russian army, Attila has been fascinated with abandoned buildings. By the time he was 19 and frequently travelling, he began capturing images. Many admired his beautiful photos, which captured the surreal atmosphere of these locations. For more than 36 years, Attila has been photographing abandoned places as a pastime that has evolved into a passion.

The artist approaches urbex photography by consistently producing high-quality images and a thorough, in-depth backstory. Those who are connected to the location and provide personal tales or observations aid in the communal construction of the story. This strategy gives the narrative more substance and helps to provide the deserted location life.

#7 A Magnificent Irish House in Ruins Situated In The Center Of A Forest Park

#8 Devil’s Entrance At The Highest Point Of The Mountain: This entry has a diabolical moniker and is situated at the mountain’s highest peak

#9 Madame Sherri’s Castle In Chesterfield, New Hampshire – An intriguingly named ancient castle in New Hampshire

Attila has travelled to so many remote locations that it may be difficult for him to choose the one that has had the most impact. His favourite derelict structure is the “Arzt villa” in Germany. This incredible structure comprises various fascinating rooms and items, including surgery with test tubes and other medical tools, a library stocked with books, a functional kitchen from the 1970s, and more. The grand piano, which is still in fantastic shape and worth a few thousand euros, is the most intriguing item. The villa has gained international renown as an urbex destination thanks to its eerie appeal, ghostly atmosphere, and mostly intact fittings. Regrettably, the home has suffered due to its popularity; various items, including formaldehyde bottles containing animal, remains, have been seized.

#10 Abandoned Railway Track in Paris: No information is available about this abandoned railway track in Paris

#11 Mosaic of a Roman villa discovered in Zeugma, an ancient city

#12 North Cornwall’s Tintagel Castle dates back to the 13th century

In conclusion, if you love urbex photography or are interested in the tales behind abandoned buildings, the ‘Abandoned Beauty’ Facebook page and The Urbex Club website are worth checking out. Attila Deák and his colleagues have investigated some of the most stunning undiscovered locations globally. Their commitment to excellent photography and narrative makes for an engaging watching experience. So far, more than 260 sites have been recorded.

#13 An Unoccupied Church in Armenia – an Armenian church that has been abandoned and whose past is uncertain

#14 Electric Car Business Abandoned After Bankruptcy

#15 Lovely Photograph Of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire – A stunning image of Monmouthshire’s Tintern Abbey

#16 Wyckoff Villa was built in 1894 and abandoned in the 1920s

#17 A 1975 Cadillac Eldorado Fleetwood Custom limousine that has been abandoned is vehicle number

#18 An individual purchased an abandoned building in West Texas and is renovating it to use as a veterans centre

#19 Château De Sannes is an 18th-century castle with a beautiful pool

#20 Llanberis is home to abandoned slate miners’ cottages from the 19th century

#21 I Thought You Guys Would Like This – a message that needs more context or precise information

#22 Beautiful Flowers Overflowing Upon

#23 Abandoned Italian mansion may have a mysterious background, making it interesting to investigate why it was abandoned

#24 An abandoned villa with a beautiful view can be explored by exploring its past to find out why it was left and its history

#25 Abandoned Castle

#26 The plan is to investigate the factory’s background, aim, and closure causes

#27 Fascinating Stone House, England, can be explored for its history, architecture, and features

#28 The winter garden of an abandoned chateau can be explored for its past, architecture, and potential uses

#29 An abandoned hotel should be explored to understand its past, visitors, and closure

#30 Go into the car’s past to discover how it came to be in the woods

#31 Ancient abandoned express train may be investigated for its past, path, and cause

#32 The Mansion in Abandoned Maryland is a genuine horror home, and the plan is to investigate its past

#33  Abandoned staircases can be explored to learn more about their history and why they were abandoned

#34 The plan is to explore the home’s past and discover what makes it special

#35  An abandoned house in Swain County may be explored to uncover its past and causes

#36  Abandoned 17th-century Italian mansion explores the past, architectural design, and reasons for abandonment

#37  The Lost Thrills is an abandoned wooden rollercoaster that should be researched for its history

#38 The purpose is to investigate the past of an unfinished masterwork

#39 The Adam Schuster House in St. Joseph, Missouri was constructed in 1881


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