In the event that you win the lottery, here are 10 French châteaux for sale

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I’ve been daydreaming about what kind of French chateau I’d like to retire in more frequently lately, with reports of lottery winnings reaching over a billion dollars. I decided to check out what was available on the market just in case. Today I’ve put together a shortlist of the most intriguing French residences for sale, ranging from ready-to-live palaces to dilapidated DIY projects…

#1 An Awake Beauty

This”bourgeoisie”mansion from the 17th century is located in a tiny town in western France and was formerly owned by the adviser to King Louis XIV. It’s a 415m2 fixer-upper with a charming internal courtyard that costs €432,000.

Find the listing here.

#2 A Greenhouse Palace of Art Nouveau

The ancient town of Perpignan and the Spanish Border are both nearby the Chateau d’Aubiry, which is situated on the Les Aspres mountain group at the entrance to Ceret in the Pyrenees Orientals. It’s 150 kilometers from Barcelona. Pierre Bardou-Job, a rich industrial Frenchman who sold rolling papers for a living, planned to build a château for each of his three children. The Château d’Aubiry, created entirely by the Danish architect Viggo Dorph-Petersen for his son Justin, was constructed from 1893 to 1904. Pierre Bardou-Job himself never got to see it since he passed away unexpectedly in 1892, just as the building was about to begin. Since 2006, the Château dairy has been preserved as a recognized historical site in France. All of this beauty costs more than €20,000,000.

More old pictures of it, first listed by Sotheby’s and now on Belles Demers, may be found here.

#3 A miniature Versailles is ready for its next Marie Antoinette

The 1782 property known as “Terre des Bullets”mimics Versailles’ Grand-Trianon to such a degree that the property may easily be taken for a royal palace. It is ready to move in, barely 40 kilometers from Paris, in its own manner.

It was given a noble title in the 16th century and belonged to Dame-Angélique-Labouré, the widow of a gentleman of the royal hunting fields and captain of the cavalry in Santo-Domingo. It was owned by the Ségur family by Louis XIV. Her nephew Claude-Bellanger, a colonel in the Guard and a high-ranking member of the King’s household, was designated as her successor upon condition that the old home, which was in the process of falling apart, be restored. Claude-Bellanger was a renowned explorer of his time despite being born into poverty. He was also quite handsome, reputedly the most so in his unit. The estate has a 50-acreacre total surface area. In addition, pricing is available upon request if you win the lottery.

More photographs on the listing here.

#4 The Castle from Game of Thrones

The Chateau de Farcheville, a genuine medieval fortress located only 45 meters from Paris, was constructed during the 13th and 14th centuries by Hugues II and Hugues III, Lords of Farcheville and Bouville and chamberlains to Philip IV of France. It has a unique example of northern French architecture.

Edra and Tim Blixseth, who founded the Yellowstone Club and Rocky Mountain ski resort, formerly owned the castle. The castle was put up for sale by creditors for $57 million US dollars after their 2009 divorce and bankruptcy. The castle is 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) in size and includes a helipad, 15 bedrooms, and its own moat. It also has hunting grounds. The current asking price is €45,000,000.


#5 I had another dream about Manderley last night

This majestic castle is located not far from one of the oldest Bastide communities in the area and is proudly poised on its motte less than 100 kilometers from Toulouse. Due to the enormous wealth of the new owner, it was rebuilt in the so-called”troubadour” style about 1860. The owner was able to fulfill his touch of lunacy by creating a dynamic fusion of neo-Gothic blended with Renaissance, Baroque, and even Tudor styles using the model of an English castle.

There are around twenty rooms totaling about 1,800 m2 of living space in the structure. While the other needs complete restoration, one-piece needs maintenance. This once-in-a-lifetime fixer-upper is listed at €901,000.

“Cereal crops prevail; rolling wheat fields may be seen for miles, but there are also hints of rape and sunflower fields. Old Bastide or walled villages, modest, proud Gascony castles and tree-lined copses of trees are perched atop the hills. To the delight of its people, who are all somewhat philosophical and know how to enjoy the good things in life, this countryside looks ageless.

The listing is with Patrice Besse.

#6 complete with a vineyard and winemaking career

Although this one isn’t literally a castle, the fact that there is an unending supply of wine more than makes up for it.

Since the Roman era, vines have been cultivated at the”Côtes de Castillon,”in the center of the Bordeaux vineyards. This enormous estate, which spans 60 hectares, is located off the beaten path not far from a quiet little community. The property has a 20-hectare productive vineyard, and planting rights for an additional 5 hectares might be acquired.

The 400 m2 residence, which was constructed in 1782 on a 13ème century estate, has two floors of living space and is being renovated. There are wine cellars, stables, a well, a caretaker’s home, a hunting lodge, and parks on the entire property. It costs €6,300,000.

Listed with Patrice Besse.

#7 An offer of two for one

Two medieval castles are included in this unique listing: the 15th-century house on the right and the more contemporary residence constructed in 1751 by the Versailles architect’s grandson.

The two chateaux have retained their original fireplaces, French ceilings, and much of the original period design, and it has 47 hectares of park and woodland.

Asking price is €1,622,00. Find the listing here.

#8 A Rapunzel’s Tower in seclusion

This historic landmark chateau from the 15th to the 17th century is located in the rural Auvergne area of central France. The 10-room chateau has 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, and a former mill that has been transformed into a guesthouse. The 82 hectares of beautiful woods on the property also include a farmhouse, a church, and a river.

It’s asking €1,113,000 listed here.

#9 Heart of Provence’s Secret Castle

The Chateau Saint Privat, which is located beneath the Pont du Gard, Europe’s most well-known Roman aqueduct, was formerly a Gallic Roman villa and was later a Knights of Templar monastery in the ninth century.

The Director of the Paris Opera owned it in the 19th century, and Catherine de Médicis and King Louis XIII also enjoyed entertainment here. It is being offered for 11,950,000 euros.

Listed with Patrice Besse.

#10 The Shell alone

The Château de l’Herm was constructed in 1520 in a Renaissance and Gothic style, making it the most ambitious of the fixer-uppers. Despite the fact that it hasn’t been occupied since 1605, the French Ministry of Culture designated it as a historic monument. The castle’s surrounding moats may still be seen in the Dordogne.


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