Kansas City Chiefs Enthusiast Enters Rehab After Tragic Discovery of Three Friends Found Dead in His Backyard

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A Kansas City Chiefs enthusiast, who tragically lost three friends found dead in his backyard, has recently checked into rehab after realizing the severity of his addiction issues, according to a close associate.

Jordan Willis, an HIV scientist, considered the events surrounding the deaths of David Harrington, Ricky Johnson, and Clayton McGeeney on January 9 as a profound and heartbreaking wake-up call. Acknowledging his struggles with addiction, Willis decided to seek professional help, the insider revealed to Fox News.

The cause of death for the three men, discovered in Willis’ Kansas City, Missouri backyard, remains undisclosed, with toxicology reports pending. While police have made no arrests, detectives are scrutinizing the phones of the deceased. Willis, fearing repercussions, swiftly vacated his residence after police inquiries and has not been seen since.

For two days, the victims’ families attempted to contact Willis without success. It was only when one of the fiancées broke into the house that the bodies were discovered. Willis, clad in underwear and holding a wine glass, was found on the premises.

Families speculate about potential drug involvement in the deaths, with theories suggesting a combination of fentanyl and alcohol leading to unconsciousness and subsequent exposure to freezing temperatures. Willis, claiming to have not left his home, asserted he slept through the commotion caused by friends’ families knocking on his door.

The friend emphasized the profound impact the incident had on Willis, prompting him to recognize his addiction issues. Subsequently, he checked into rehab and secured his belongings in storage. Distraught over not bidding farewell or attending the funerals of his friends, Willis is also concerned about unfounded suspicions linking him to their deaths.

The source contends that public accusations lack factual basis, awaiting the results of the toxicology report and police investigation. Willis’ family reportedly learned of the situation through local media, disputing claims that Willis informed others about his friends freezing to death.

Despite inconsistencies in Willis’ account, such as a missing jacket on one of the bodies and the cold weather, his father vehemently defended him, insisting his son would never harm his friends. The identity of a “fifth man” in the group photograph, Alex Weamer-Lee, clarified he left the gathering before the tragic events occurred, raising questions about the circumstances surrounding the deaths.

Source: dailymail


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