Man Found Alive After 27 Years Held Captive in Neighbor’s Basement Since Age 17

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In a twist of unimaginable cruelty and circumstances that have left a community reeling, a man from the Algerian city of Djelfa who vanished without a trace as a teenager in 1996 has been discovered alive – after spending over 27 years held captive in the very basement of his next-door neighbor.

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The victim, now 45-year-old Omar Bin Omran, was just 17 years old when he failed to return home from vocational school one fateful day, prompting a frantic search by his family. As the years painfully passed with Omar’s whereabouts remaining a harrowing mystery, his loved ones held onto hope while resigning themselves to the grim prospect that he may have been swept up in the violence of Algeria’s civil war conflict.

Image credits: EnnaharTv

However, in a miraculous yet profoundly disturbing discovery, it was revealed that all along Omar had been imprisoned in unimaginable proximity – locked away in the cellar of the home belonging to the family’s 61-year-old neighbor situated a mere 300 feet away. Footage too grim to describe showed a haggard Omar being pulled out from beneath a hay-covered earthen floor where he had been held captive in what was used as a sheep pen.

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According to authorities, the elderly neighbor, who maintained a routine career as a government employee, had allegedly abducted the teenage Omar back in 1996 and kept him confined in the underground cellar compartment for nearly three decades. In a jarring detail, Omar’s family dog had lingered for about a month at the abductor’s property shortly after his disappearance before being killed, potentially poisoned.

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In a heart-rending revelation, Omar’s mother had refused to abandon hope throughout the years, professing to her other children “Please, do not stop searching for Omar. I am sure he is still alive.” Tragically, the devoted mother passed away in 2013, her dying wish unanswered as her son extraordinarily remained imprisoned by their very neighbor just steps away.

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It was only when the abductor’s own brother made cryptic social media posts alluding to the kidnapping amid a rift over inheritance matters that Omar’s family received the life-altering tip prompting them to contact authorities. After an investigation, the unfathomable reality of Omar’s plight and closeness throughout his captivity was discovered.

Image credits: EnnaharTv

The suspect has been taken into custody and will face prosecution as the traumatized Omar undergoes urgent physical and psychological evaluations and care. For the community of Djelfa, feelings of shock, relief, unanswered grief and fragile hopes for Omar’s healing path forward mingle in the wake of this unthinkable human tragedy that mercifully concluded with a survivor’s miraculous homecoming from his unforgivable imprisonment.

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