Mia Khalifa Reveals Her Real Name, Leaving Fans Stunned

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The woman known to many as Mia Khalifa has revealed that her real name is actually Sarah Joe Chamoun. Khalifa, a 31-year-old Lebanese-American social media personality, gained fame in 2014 during a brief stint in the adult entertainment industry. Despite her short career, she became one of the most searched performers on adult video sites due to a controversial film where she wore a hijab during sexual acts.

Mia Khalifa; Instagram

Khalifa faced intense backlash and death threats from groups like ISIS for being perceived as sexualizing the religious head garment. Her stage name, “Mia Khalifa,” was chosen because “Mia” was her dog’s name, and “Khalifa” is Arabic for “successor” or “leader” – though she has been criticized for profiting from fetishizing Muslim women by using an Arabic surname.

The revelation that her real name is Sarah Joe Chamoun has left some fans feeling “stupid” for not realizing Mia Khalifa was a stage persona. On social media, users expressed surprise, with one asking “How stupid do you feel believing her real name was Mia Khalifa?”

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In interviews, Chamoun has opened up about her difficult past. She said an “extremely abusive” relationship where she was being groomed led her into the adult industry at 18. Her then-husband, who was in the U.S. Army, encouraged her involvement and handed her a talent scout’s card. When her family learned of her activities, they disowned her.

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“A profound sense of alienation enveloped me, detached not only from the world at large, but also from my own family and immediate circle,” Chamoun expressed to the BBC. “This feeling of isolation persisted even after I had walked away, leaving me grappling with the realization that certain transgressions carry an unforgivable weight.”

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Today, the woman formerly known as Mia Khalifa has transitioned to becoming a social media influencer and sports pundit, leaving her controversial past behind. While the name revelation stunned some fans, it allows her to reclaim her identity beyond the Mia Khalifa persona.

Source: VT

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