Missouri’s Abandoned School You’ll want to avoid it at all costs

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Missouri has its fair share of deserted locations, but something about an abandoned school makes it even more unsettling. The Carr School used to be teeming with students, but now the only visitors are small street animals and vandals.

William B. Ittner designed and built the Carr School in 1908. Regrettably, the school closed in 1983


The architect, Ittner, is said to have met artist Henry Chapman Mercer at the World’s Fair and hired him to create the beautiful mosaic art that adorns much of the school

Paul Sableman/flickr

Carr Square Tenants’ Association took over the property in the hopes of converting it into senior housing. However, that plan fell through, and the building is now vacant

Paul Hohmann/flickr

Every day, it crumbles away, most notably in its sinking roof

Paul Sableman/flickr

The boarded-up windows and doors haven’t stopped vandals from breaking in or spray-painting the walls

Paul Sableman/flickr

The structure is listed as one of St. Louis’ most endangered buildings by the Landmarks Association and is regularly threatened with demolition

Paul Sableman/flickr

The Carr School is located across the street from Carr Square Tenet Management at 1521 Carr Drive in St. Louis, Missouri, at N. 15th and Carr


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