More than 40 fathers wear the same shirt to an eighth-grade graduation

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When an ingenious prank takes off, it leaves everyone curious about the brain behind it. But the real architect of the jest can sometimes be unexpected. A video surfaced on TikTok by Jolee Windnagle (@jonichole84) displaying numerous dads arriving at their children’s 8th-grade graduation wearing identical purple shirts. The question on everyone’s mind: Was it the father’s plot? Or the children’s?

Photo: Screenshot from TikTok

This footage is a twist on the trending “same shirt prank” on TikTok. While it appeared that the dads might have arranged this comical wardrobe mishap to amuse their children, their perplexed expressions suggested otherwise. And the mystery unravelled – the ingenious moms plotted the whole thing!

Relying on their partners’ trust to wear what they suggest, the moms of the 8th graders orchestrated this epic prank. Compared to usual attempts where at most 10 men might wear the same shirt, over 40 dads were unknowingly roped into donning matching attire.

Photo: Screenshot from TikTok

The video begins with Windgale’s spouse, Wayne, entering the school. As it continues, a wave of purple fills the auditorium. One by one, the dads clocked the identical shirts around them. Their responses range from shy grins and puzzled glances to sheer bewilderment. Eventually, the realization dawns, and the dads join in the laughter, even posing for a group photo in their matching tops.

This wholesome prank is hailed by many as the epitome of pranks – light, amusing, and enjoyable for everyone, even the prankees. As one Redditor aptly said, “Confuse, don’t abuse.” Many commend the delightful simplicity of the prank over some of the more outrageous stunts seen in videos.


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In a follow-up video, Windnagle, whose daughter was among the graduates, shared the behind-the-scenes. “After spotting several ‘same shirt pranks’, I decided to give it a try,” she disclosed. “I reached out to fellow 8th grade moms on Facebook, detailing the prank I’d seen and asked if they’d be game. More moms got involved, making it a bigger group.”

The timing was crucial. Windnagle shared a purchase link for the now-famous shirt, and, to her astonishment, between 40 to 50 dads turned up in it. “Their reactions varied from surprise to perhaps annoyance, but the joy it brought to the kids, us, and the dads was palpable,” she stated. The prank became a cherished memory, making the 8th-grade graduation all the more special. “The kids will surely reminisce about it,” she added.


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In summary, an 8th-grade graduation saw over 40 unsuspecting dads in matching purple shirts, leaving many wondering how this happened. Jolee Windnagle, the video uploader, later revealed the clever moms behind the operation.

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