“Nothing Could’ve Prepared Me”: Woman Uses Her Baby Bump to Deter Flirting at the Gym

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Maria Smirnova, a fitness coach pregnant with twins, found a hilarious way to fend off unwanted attention at the gym using her prominent baby bump. Her straightforward approach has delighted thousands on social media.

Image credits: mashaspeaches

On May 20, Maria, known as “Masha’s Peaches” online, shared a humorous clip on TikTok demonstrating her method to avoid flirtatious advances at the gym.

Image credits: mashaspeaches

In the video, which has garnered nearly 3 million views, Maria is initially seen with her back to the camera. A male voice then asks, “Excuse me, miss, do you come here often?” Maria turns to face him, her very pregnant belly prominently visible, her expression decidedly unimpressed.

The man’s response is a simple, “Oh, okay then,” clearly discouraged by the sight.

@mashaspeaches Thats one way to get rid of them #gymgirl #pregnanttiktok ♬ original sound – Maria

The cheeky clip has amused many viewers. One TikTok user commented, “Nothing on planet Earth could have prepared me for that.” Another added, “Wow, you carry so well. All the best to you and your family.”

Some viewers praised Maria’s fitness and appearance during her pregnancy. One commented, “I wish I looked like that from the back during my pregnancy and I only had one baby haha.” Another added, “I’m so impressed by your stamina. You’re carrying these babies like it’s nothing! I’d be slumped on a couch like a beached whale.” Maria humorously responded, “Girl, 99% of the time, same,” with crying laughing emojis.

Image credits: mashaspeachesfit_

Maria has also shared that she “still couldn’t believe” she was having twins, even at her baby shower, as reported by The Sun on May 26. One supporter wrote, “Holy guacamole. Go girl,” while another recounted a similar experience, saying, “This happened to me when I was 9 months pregnant; my big brother cussed that man out.”

Image credits: mashaspeachesfit_

Maria’s lighthearted approach to her pregnancy and her playful social media presence continue to inspire and entertain her followers.

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