Husband “Relieved” After Wife, Missing for Over 30 Years, Found Alive in Puerto Rico

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For over three decades, Bob Kopta had lived with the agonizing uncertainty of not knowing what became of his wife Patricia after she went missing in the summer of 1992. But in an astonishing twist of fate, the Koptas’ 31-year nightmare finally came to an end with news that Patricia was alive and well – residing in a Puerto Rican nursing home over 1,700 miles away.

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“You wouldn’t believe what we’ve been through,” an emotional Bob, now 86, told reporters at a March press conference. “After 30 years, you try to forget. Now, I can finally move on. We know what happened, and that she is being taken care of.”

The troubling trail that led to this miraculous reunion began on June 20, 1992 when 53-year-old Patricia Kopta seemingly vanished from the couple’s Pittsburgh home. Struggling with mental health issues including suspected schizophrenia, it wasn’t abnormal for Patricia to be gone for extended stretches. But when months passed without a word, her worried husband Bob finally reported her missing that November.

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An anguished search effort ensued, with Bob plastering Puerto Rican newspapers with ads about his missing wife. Patricia’s family knew of her affinity for the ocean and Puerto Rico’s tropical warmth from her frequent visits there before marriage. But after seven years without any credible leads, Patricia was legally declared deceased, devastating her family.

As the years drifted by, Bob endured a waking nightmare – continuously fearing that every newly discovered body could be his wife of over 20 years. He sought answers through unorthodox means, even consulting a psychic. But no insights materialized about Patricia’s fate. That is, until just a few months ago.

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In a nursing home in Puerto Rico’s tropical heat, an elderly, dementia-addled patient began revealing tantalizing morsels about her past that set off alarms. Following up, a social worker’s investigation quickly unraveled the tightly-held family mystery. Unbelievably, existing DNA evidence confirmed the woman’s identity as the long-missing Patricia Kopta.

“We truly believed she was dead all those years.” It was a very big shock to know that she’s still alive,” her sister Gloria Smith exclaimed after rushing to Puerto Rico and being reunited with Patricia. “We’re very thankful to know Patty is alive and well.”

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While key details remain hazy about her journey and how she ended up at the care facility in 1999, one thing is now clear: Patricia had succeeded in her presumed quest to start anew near the warm waters she adored. As Bob relayed, “She always said she wanted to go to a warm climate.”

For the Koptas, the bittersweet reunion has mercifully delivered a sense of resolution after over three decades entrenched in limbo. After so many years wondering if he’d ever re-see his wife alive, Bob can finally find peace. As he expressed with deep emotion, “Now, I can finally put it behind me.”

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