Photographer Takes Stunning Photos in Unlikely

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As proven by Jenna Martin’s recent experiment, photography experts know that great photos can come from the most unexpected places. Instead of shooting in the typical picturesque locations, she challenged herself to create captivating images in an “ugly” setting. And she succeeded beyond all expectations, proving that skill and creativity can triumph over a lack of resources.

To put her skills to the test, Martin chose a Lowe’s hardware store as her location. She intentionally selected a spot that would pose significant challenges to a photographer, with harsh lighting and few attractive backdrops. She also set some rules to make the shoot even more difficult. For instance, she would only use her camera without additional lighting or props. She wouldn’t rearrange the store displays or change the background significantly.

She would avoid shooting if anyone else was in the background.

Despite these limitations, Martin and her portrait model enthusiastically began their shoot. They worked their way through the narrow and wide aisles of Lowe’s, finding inspiration in the store’s paint samples, trees, and other unlikely features. The results were remarkable: Martin’s photos were creative and stunning, proving that even the most challenging locations can yield incredible images.

Martin’s experiment offers a valuable lesson for photographers and artists. Sometimes, it’s the unexpected locations and limitations that inspire the most innovative and exciting work. Artists can tap into their full creative potential by embracing challenges and breaking free from conventions. So, next time you come across an unlikely spot for a photo shoot, don’t be afraid to take a chance. You never know what kind of magic you might create.

More info:  | Instagram | Model’s Instagram (h/t petapixel)

“I had the idea to do just the opposite instead of looking for the usual lovely locations around where we live.”

Image credits: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Lowe’s appeared to be the best choice. The paint samples are in place one

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Location 2 of Lowe’s: The Lighting Department

Not edited


Location 3 of Lowe’s: The Aisles

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Shot taken in aisle two

Location 4 of Lowe’s: The Garden Section

Not edited


Section of pillows at Lowe’s Store No. 5

“Horrible place wins hands down!”


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