“Instagram Reality” is an online community that posts photos of people who are far from reality (25 New Pics)

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Welcome to the world of filters, where appearances matter more than anything else. While there are exceptions, social media is still known for nurturing and rewarding vanity, which may range from bolstering your ego to making others (including yourself) unhappy.

But, even for Instagram, there are occasions when it’s too much. Some people, you see, airbrush and manipulate their photos beyond what is considered acceptable, and the outcome is, well, reality- bending. The subreddit “Instagram Reality”is raising attention to these incidents by posting photos of influencers who have gone too far with their manipulation.

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#1 This is fantastic

Image source: funfilo

#2 Why Would Someone Do Something Like This? The Original Is Already Stunning

Image source: falseshephard19

#3 That Mirror was more dangerous than Judas

Image source: Not_newbie_994

#4 I’d forgotten how she looked in real life

Image source: chair909

#5 I was discovered on a dating app

Image source: usedmyrealnamefirst

#6 She’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met. All of these photos were posted by her on her Instagram Story or Ig Feed! Shs’s stunning, self-assured, and hilarious

Image source: Nolames444

#7 People Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Grow Old

Image source: EMERlTUS

#8 The Influence of Filters – They Don’t Always Have to Be Visible

Image source: inc0mpl_te

#9 There’s another one

Image source: rich_cookie_dude

#10 Some Totally Real Muscles are being flexed

Image source: _JosefoStalon_

#11 Shame on the news organization that manipulated the image on the left

Image source: Ok-Breakfast7186

#12 While browsing a dating app, I came upon this one

Image source: mamasab

#13 His jawline is unmistakably natural, with no editing

Image source: TogderNodger

#14 Imagine your surprise when you see her without any make-up, filters, or editing for the first

Image source: Maybeimthebot

#15 She claims that she does not edit her photographs

Image source: unicornflavoredgum1

#16 The Terrifying Bird Feet attracted me at first, but the longer you stare, the worse it becomes

Image source: young_erik

#17 I’m not sure how this is legal

Image source: HolyKimyeWest

#18 Her Beleaguered Friend

Image source: farthistory

#19 On the same day. Pap Picture vs. Instagram

Image source: rachbbbbb

#20 At the very least, she’s self-aware…?

Image source: fuzzypipe39

#21 When you have a friend that oversees the entire group’s editing

Image source: jo1404

#22 Is it just me, or does his head appear to be much smaller than it should be?

Image source: tinysoapypp

#23 This one was discovered! — He flashes fake watches and cars he doesn’t own while claiming to
be 31 years old

Image source: sikeig

#24 She vehemently denies that she filters her photos on every post

Image source: Hamily_Anal

#25 She Was Accused of Using Excessive Filters, And Her Reaction Was Intriguing

Image source: circusratt


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