Before and After A Stylist Transforms Ordinary Women Into True Queens

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Konstantin Bogomolov, a Russian image designer, has founded an Image School in Riga, Latvia, where he offers amazing style makeovers to ladies of all ages.

The stylist applies his psychological understanding to construct each woman’s entire personal image, depending on her career and personality attributes.

What good can some new clothing and makeup do? It appears to be quite a bit. Some of the modifications are so drastic that you’ll question whether you’re looking at the same person, proving Konstantin’s claim that every woman is a queen ready to be recognized as such.

After he cuts their hair, creates a fresh cosmetics routine, and arranges them in a flawlessly put-together wardrobe depending on their career and personality, his customers appear nearly unrecognizable.

Bogomolov, who calls himself Latvia’s “number one stylist,” holds an Engineering Science Doctorate in apparel and technology and design and has taught courses in culture and art history, psychology, and public relations.

Bogomolov has worked with fashion publications and TV shows in Latvia, as well as in beauty clinics as an image consultant, preparing fashion displays, and being hired by individual customers to assist them to create their style.

Bogomolov claims to perceive an ‘orderly logical structure’ in the’chaos of present styles and trends’ on his website.

And it appears that his unconventional technique is working, as his clients’before and after photos indicate a significant change.

The ladies range in age from their twenties to their sixties, and the photos demonstrate their metamorphosis following Bogomolov’s magic, with several looking years younger.

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#1 Riga, Inna

Though the programs are similar in concept — they all try to make women feel more attractive and confident — they are not identical. One depicts younger women in need of a new look and a fresh start in life. The project’s crew alters their hairdo, offers cosmetics and skincare guidance, reconsiders their dress selections, and resolves other small issues, such as requesting dental assistance.

#2 Riga, Alna

The other initiative, 10 Years Younger, frequently need more serious labor in order to combat the aging process and the changes that it brings.

#3 Irkutsk’s Valentina

Both of these initiatives aren’t your typical makeover programs. The show’s creators believe that our inner troubles influence our appearance, thus they enlisted the help of psychologists to work with the contestants. Each of them has her own narrative to tell, and it may be a difficult one at times. They express themselves, weep, attempt to see things from a new perspective, and finally understand something significant about themselves.

#4 Almata, Tatjana

Of course, not all transitions are straightforward. Some of them take a long time to complete, such as when a lady gets plastic surgery. There’s no magic about it, even if the changes appear to be. They’re all the result of a collaborative effort by stylists, fashion gurus, dentists, cosmetologists, makeup artists, and others.

These women are amazing, but they get a lot of support and are also taught how to take care of themselves in the future to keep the outcome.

#5 Moscow’s Inna

Still, the major purpose of these initiatives is to show women how beautiful they are, to allow them to see themselves from a different perspective, and to instill confidence in them.

#6 Almata, Gulnar

#7 Marija is from Moscow

#8 Minsk’s Oksana

accountant Lidia, 43, has a black short hairstyle that makes her unrecognizable. Stylist Konstantin Bogomolov of Latvia uses his psychological understanding to alter regular ladies.

#9 Riga, Valentina

Elena, 52, appears much younger with blonder highlights and a set of dazzling earrings, and a camel- colored outfit looks better on her than gloomy grey.

#10 Tatjana is from Moscow

Even though the specialists try their hardest to assist, they occasionally run into problems. Not every woman is pleased with her new look. Some of them try to reason with the stylists who are forcing them to step outside of their comfort zones. Nonetheless, the majority of them come to terms with their new appearances and agree that their new style is stunning.

#11 Vilnius, Jurgita

With a curled hairdo and a strong red lip, Inga, 50, appears more trendy, and her dress indicates she can wear brighter colors.

#12 Natalija, Riga

#13 Juzefa, Riga

#14 Margarita, Riga

#15 Natalija, Riga

While some ladies pay thousands of dollars to have surgery to change their appearance, a Russian hairdresser hopes to show how far a decent haircut and the correct clothing can go in creating a whole new image.

At his Bogomolov Image Academy, Konstantin Bogomolov works with women of various ages and backgrounds as an “image designer and fashion analyst”


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