Siena International Photo Awards 2021 Winning Images

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The winners of the Siena International Photo Awards have been revealed, and the photographs are spectacular as usual. This competition, now in its seventh year, got hundreds of entries from brilliant photographers all around the world. The contributions this year are tender, forceful, optimistic, and amazing.

Mehmet Aslan won the “Photo of the Year” award for his fascinating photo of a Syrian refugee and his kid (who lost his legs in bombings) (who was born without limbs). Other categories were “Journey and Adventures,” “Documentary and Photojournalism,” “Street Photography,” “The Beauty of Nature,” “Fascinating Faces and Characters,” “Architecture and Urban Spaces,” “Animals in their Environments,” and “COVID-19.”

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01.Life’s Struggle is the Photo of the Year.

Image source: Mehmet Aslan

A Syrian boy was born without lower or upper limbs owing to tetra-amelia, a congenital disease induced by the drugs his mother was forced to take after being poisoned by nerve gas. In the future, Mustafa will require specialized electronic prosthetics, which are now unavailable in Turkey.

02.’This is my jungle,’ says the narrator. 1st Classified Journeys & Adventures

Image source: Sergey Savvi

“A wild elephant assaults a group of people in a vehicle.” We need to appreciate and care for environment more, but we also need to avoid taking needless and foolish risks.”

03.Covid-19th Birthday: 1st Classified

Image source: Brais Lorenzo Couto

“Elena Pérez, 98, celebrates her birthday at the San Carlos de Celanova nursing home, two weeks after she survived the coronavirus.” At one nursing home, nine people died and more than 40 people tested positive for COVID-19.”

04.1st Classified Captives, Documentaries, and Photojournalism

Image source: Marcus Westberg

Endangered species captive breeding has the potential to help repopulate natural environments. It may also be a useful label to hide behind, such as “green,” “sustainable,” or “renewable.”

05.1st Classified, Childhood, Street Photography

Image source: Lopamudra Talukdar

“Despite the fact that social media and the Internet have completely devoured the lives of teenagers all across the world, children in Havana nevertheless amuse them by playing in their parents’ courtyards.”

06.The Beauty Of Nature: Green Light Forest: 1st Classified

Image source: Shirley Wung

Their bioluminescence is a component of the mating ritual, which culminates in the laying of egg-laying stages.

07.1st Classified: Lona / Biala, Architecture & Urban Spaces

Image source: Gustav Willeit

The artist’s photographs do not depict whole buildings, but rather a selected portion of the façade in order to emphasize the structures’ symmetry and modular design. A selection of forms and colors are placed in the foreground.

08.Fascinating Faces and Characters: 1st Classified by Zor

Image source: Selene Magnolia

“On a street in the Roma ghetto of Stolipinovo, a young lady is getting ready for her wedding.” More than 11 million Roma people live in Europe, with Stolipinovo being the most populated ghetto with roughly 40,000 individuals.”

09.Animals in Their Environment: 1st Classified, Food for Weeks

Image source: Ronan Donovan

“This shot of 10 wolves was obtained using a camera trap put inside a large muskox carcass, and the members of the pack returned to feast for over a month.” This location became the pack’s de facto gathering spot in the months ahead.”


10.2nd Classified Black Drag, Magic Fascinating Faces & Characters

Image source: Lee-ann Olwage

“Belinda Qaqamba Ka-Fassie, a drag artist and activist, stands at a shisanyama in Khayelitsha, a slum outside Cape Town, where women prepare and sell meat.” Belinda, the photographer, worked on a project with other black, queer, gender non-conforming, and transgender persons to reclaim public places in a neighborhood where they face discrimination, harassment, and violence.”

11.Sandstorm, Nature’s Beauty: 2nd Classified

Image source: Johannes Lochner

“On a sweltering, humid late afternoon, three hyenas, a jackal, and two elephants brave a sandstorm as the wind builds up before the skies open.” The hyenas can cool down and get rid of parasites in the cold water. The dry season is ended, and the rainy season is on its way, bringing comfort to all of the animals in Chobe National Park’s parched environment.”

12.Animals in the Environment: 3rd Classified, Flying in the Rain

Image source: Nicolas Reusens Bodén

“I was able to trigger two groups of flashes using a fairly sophisticated setup within a single exposure of barely 1/25 second.” This photograph of a Brown inca hummingbird (Coeligena wilsoni) is the culmination of three days of photography in order to get a single image with a strong mood.

13.Covid-19: 3rd Classified, Life In A Tear

Image source: Rodrigo Cabrita

Red patches on the hands are a symptom of the condition, which can progress to renal and respiratory failure, kidney failure, and death.

14.Welcome to Paradise – Pardis Xiii, 3rd Classified Architecture & Urban Spaces

Image source: Manolo Espaliú

He claims the goal is to reverse migration to larger cities, where traffic and pollution are lowering living standards.

15.3rd Classified: Desire for Knowledge, Journeys, and Adventures.

Image source: Antonio Aragon Renuncio

16.Covid-19, Loneliness.

Image source: Levent Ateş

17.Fascinating Faces And Characters, Boogli.

Image source: Jen Guyton

18.Animals in Their Environment, The Watching Eye.

Image source: Bernt Østhus

19.Buffalo Herds, Adventures, and Journeys

Image source: Nese Ari

20.Covid-19, Portrait Of Humanity.

Image source: F. Dilek Uyar



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