Sir Anthony Hopkins astounds the hotel staff with an impromptu piano performance in the lobby

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With nearly 200 roles to his name, Sir Anthony Hopkins stands out as a true icon of modern cinema. Beyond his compelling screen presence, which has netted him two Oscars, Hopkins possesses a remarkable talent for Music and composition. A recent surprise performance at a hotel’s piano left the staff and guests in awe, a moment he graciously shared on his Instagram account.

In the shared video, the esteemed actor from The Silence of the Lambs showcases one of his original compositions. He deftly navigates the piano keys, even weaving his right hand over the left, showcasing his mastery. His use of the pedals further enriches the sound. Completing his piece, he comments, “Nice piano,” the assembled audience erupted in applause.

Although many associate Hopkins with his cinematic achievements, his musical endeavours aren’t new. He has, over time, shared snippets of himself playing his creations, occasionally accompanied by his feline friend.

While the world recognizes him for his cinematic contributions, Hopkins has always held Music close to his heart. He once shared with Gramophone Magazine, as highlighted by Classic FM, “Music was my initial dream, then I ventured into acting. At 20, I composed a piece, an improvisation spanning 10 minutes, but eventually left that ambition behind.”

But his affinity for Music didn’t remain hidden for long. In 1994, when directing his first film, August, a producer’s suggestion led him to compose the score. Moreover, he’s openly spoken about using Music as a method actor, mentioning, “For my preparation to portray Richard Nixon on screen, I immersed myself in Copland’s compositions.”

For those wishing to keep tabs on the multifaceted talents of Hopkins, his Instagram is the place to be.

Sir Anthony Hopkins isn’t just an illustrious actor with a prolific career and a gifted musician.

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