Star Power Missed at Met Gala as Katy Perry, Rihanna Go Viral With Fake Looks

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Met Gala brought stunning fashion to the iconic New York venue on May 6th, though two anticipated stars were curiously absent from the red carpet. Despite not attending, Katy Perry and Rihanna ended up stealing the spotlight with elaborately fabricated outfits that set social media ablaze.

Image credits: katyperry

Perry played into the frenzy, sharing a series of images on Instagram that certainly looked like she waltzed up the Met’s famous front steps. The California singer donned an extravagant rose-adorned ballgown that perfectly captured the evening’s “Garden of Time” theme. Perry even included a video clip from what seemed to be recent studio recording sessions.

Image credits: katyperry

“Couldn’t make it to the MET, had to work,” she playfully captioned the post. The fake photos were convincing enough to momentarily dupe Perry’s own mother, Mary. “Didn’t know you went to the Met,” she texted her daughter.”That dress is absolutely stunning on you! With all the vibrant colors and intricate details, you’re a walking floral masterpiece – a true parade of beauty and elegance.”

Image credits: katyperry

Perry eventually revealed the Met Gala shots were created using artificial intelligence rather than capturing her actual appearance. But in the fast-moving world of social media, the AI illusion accomplished its goal of going viral and sending fans into a frenzy speculating about her look.

Image credits: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

A similar scenario played out for Rihanna when an AI-generated picture surfaced purporting to show the singer arriving at the Met Gala in a gravity-defying dress resembling tall grass or a wooded scene. While fake, the image still racked up countless shares and likes as viewers gushed over the avant garde botanical creation clearly aligned with the evening’s nature-inspired theme.

Ultimately, representatives for Rihanna confirmed the Fenty Beauty mogul was simply under the weather and unable to attend the prestigious event at all due to a case of the flu. So while their looks ended up being computer-generated fiction, both Perry and Rihanna nevertheless stole some spotlight with their AI doppelgängers going viral in their absence.

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