30 Stunning Abandoned Building Form Around The World

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I came across some photos of abandoned buildings and quickly understood why photographers are drawn to settings where the occupants have long ago fled. I had no idea abandoned buildings could be so lovely.

#1 Water wheel,Cordoba,Spain

Via Water wheel

On the northern side of the River Guadalquivir, this mill is located near to the Roman Bridge. It was constructed during the reign of Abd al-Rahman II to transport river water to the Emir’s palace by an inventive aqueduct.

The naura, or water wheel, has been repaired after Queen Isabel ‘La Católica’ had it removed due to the noise it made so near to the royal house, the Castle. This water wheel has been on the city’s coat of arms since the 14th century.

#2 Chateau jbb,France

Via Chateau Jbb

#3 Rustic

Via beautiful designs

#4 Abandoned Church

Via 9 Photos of Abandoned Cities …

An abandoned location or structure is one that is no longer used or occupied.

#5 Frozen In Time

Via flickr.com

Once a dwelling, it is now abandoned and rotting.

#6 Wyndcliffe Rhinebeck,New York

Via Rhinebeck

Wyndcliffe is the ruins of a historic home in Dutchess County, New York, near Rhinebeck. The brick home was originally named Rhinecliff and built in 1853 in the Norman style, according to Library of Congress data. The palace was designed as a weekend and summer home for New York City socialite Elizabeth Schermerhorn Jones (1810-1876). Local architect George Veitch is credited with the design. John Byrd, a renowned mason, created the intricate decorative brickwork using only rectangular and molded bricks.

The nearby hamlet to Wyndcliffe’s north was initially platted as “Kipsbergen” (1686), but was subsequently renamed “Rhinecliff” after the Jones-Schemerhorn estate of the same name. Edith Wharton, the author, was a regular visitor as a youngster. The Wyndcliffe estate is supposed to be the source of the expression “keeping up with the Joneses.”

#7 Staircase

Via The Chateau Staircase

This reminds me of the stairway in The Sound of Music’s Von Trapp family residence.

#8 Mansion in Egypt

Via Archived Report – Abandoned Mansion, …

I really like how the stairwell divides into several ways.

#9 Grand

Via Family life frozen in time

#10 Manoir A La Verriere,France

Via *Rococo Revisited

#11 Water Tower,Lincolnshire,England

Via Maltings ‘S’..”Elegance Unravelling”

The Westgate Water Tower, often known as the Lincoln Water Tower, was built in 1911. It is located in Lincoln, England, on Westgate. It’s a grade II listed structure.

Reginald Blomfield designed it in the Baroque revival style. The tower has a square design and stands at 117 feet (36 meters) tall. The Lincoln Corporation commissioned it in response to a typhoid outbreak in the city in 1904-1905 that killed 113 people and took water from the Bracebridge Heath reservoir rather than the contaminated Hartsholme Lake and the River Witham.

The tower’s water tank has a diameter of 15.9 meters (52 feet) and can carry 1.356 million litres of water. It is still operational and managed by Anglian Water.

#12 Piano

Via hotel ballroom

The piano was most likely once the center of attention during great soirees.

#13 Sweeping Staircase

Via Chandelier

#14 Abandoned Monastery,Belgium

Via St Hilarius old monastery 1

The abandoned monastery of Monastère Antoinette is located in the Liege area of Belgium. The property sits in the heart of Amay, a little town on the Meuse River’s banks. Since 2008, the structures have been abandoned. This monastery was formerly a fortress belonging to Louis – Charles – François Lallemant, Count of Levignan. It was constructed in 1786. The Sisters of St. Charles moved there in 1892. They do, however, depart Amay three years later. Braibant and Gabriel, two entrepreneurs, acquire control of the property and make significant alterations. A substantial portion of the existing structure was constructed in 1904, as shown by the cornerstone near the building’s previous entrance. As a result, the majority of the cloister that can still be seen today dates from 1904. Carmel Reparation is the name of the chapel, which was named after the French Carmelites who stayed there before the Benedictine monks arrived in1927.

#15 Cointe Observatory,Liege,Belgium

Via The Loneliness of the Long-Abandoned

The University of Liège erected the Cointe Observatory (French: Observatoire de Cointe) in the area of Cointe in Liège, Belgium, in 1881-82, according to plans by architect Lambert Noppius.

The structure, designed in a medieval revival style, is located in a private park that was once the estate of the Vanderheyden de Hauzeur family, a rich manufacturer. The Institute of Astrophysics, afterwards the Institute of Astrophysics and Geophysics, was housed there until2002, when it was relocated to the Sart-Tilman campus.

The Société Astronomique de Liège occupied the building as of 2008, although it was undergoing renovations with the purpose of housing the Service Régional des Fouilles Archéologiques.

#16 Lillesden School For Girls,Kent,England

Via Archived Report – Lillesden School

#17 King Theater,New York

Via 9 Photos of Abandoned Cities

The Kings Theatre, previously Loew’s Kings Theatre, is a live entertainment facility in Brooklyn, New York City’s Flatbush district. The theater, which was opened as a cinema palace by Loew’s Theatres in 1929 and closed in 1977, stood idle for decades until a comprehensive rehabilitation was started in 2010. On January 23, 2015, the theater reopened to the public as a performing arts facility. On August 22, 2001, it was added on the National Register of Historic Places.

#18 Liberty,Bar At Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel

Via 9 Photos of Abandoned Cities 

#19 How depressing.consider the amount of love that must have gone into the design and building of this home

Via Unique Home Architecture — Incredible

#20 Lenoir county,north Carolina

Via The Grand Abandonment: Lenoir County

#21 England’s Manor House

Via Abandoned – Abandoned manor house

#22 North Carolina’s Northampton county

Via Northampton County, North Carolina Scenes

#23 In Kansas City,Kansas,The Sauer Castle

Via Sauer's Castle

#24 Florida,s Howey Mansion,Howey-In-The-Hills

Via Abandoned Howey Mansion in Howey-In-The-Hills 

#25 Luxembourg’s Maison Heinen

Via 9 Photos of Abandoned Cities 

#26 Chicago,s Uptown Theatre

Via eric holubow: urban exploration photographer

#27 France,Maison Lily

Via Maison Lilly

#28 Constanta,Romania,Grand Synagogue

Via Picasa Web Albums – Redactia

#29 Quebec,Canada

Via Hauntingly beautiful abandoned old house

#30 Russia Wooden House

Via Abandoned Russian Village | English


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