The father challenges his Generation Z child to learn three facts about a U-haul vehicle

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David C. Smalley, the well-known comedian and podcaster, often delights his audience with humor centered on generational differences. One of his famous stunts? Introducing his 19-year-old daughter, Talissa, to vintage items from yesteryears—imagine CDs, phonebooks, and even remote controllers. Does that make you feel a tad ancient?

Image Credit: davidcsmalley/TikTok

In a recent escapade, Smalley set up a fun challenge for Talissa: to navigate her way around a traditional U-Haul storage truck. The three tasks? Unlock the door, roll down the window, and ignite the engine.

These tasks might seem rudimentary for those who remember the 80s or earlier. However, for many in Gen Z, it’s akin to piloting a horse-drawn carriage.
Though Talissa belongs to an era where doors unlock at the click of a key fob, she effortlessly managed to open the door using a traditional key.

Image Credit: davidcsmalley/TikTok

However, she was genuinely perplexed when confronted with the manual task of rolling down a window. “Really? They still use this?” she remarked, visibly struggling with the familiar hand-crank motion. Her reaction is quite understandable, given that electronic windows have been commonplace for quite a while. It makes one wonder if U-Haul has a thing for nostalgia.

With two tasks behind her, starting the truck was her final challenge. She searched the center console, expecting an ignition button, only to encounter the airbag and radio—both seeming quite alien to her. At last, victory! She discovered the ignition behind the steering wheel.

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She humorously remarked, “I hope I don’t blow it up!” as she successfully started the truck.

The highlight? Talissa mistook the radio for a “fidget game” — a moment that’s pure gold to witness.

Generational differences manifest in many ways—be it fashion, vocabulary, or entertainment preferences. But, the fast-paced evolution of technology often leads to the most amusing and stark contrasts.

And while trends like bell bottoms might be reevaluated, outdated tech seldom does. As innovations become mainstream, their older versions typically retire into oblivion. The only exception might be the vinyl enthusiasts who swear by its unparalleled audio quality.

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On a related note, Talissa once tried operating a record player, thanks to Smalley’s playful challenges—another instance showcasing the delightful generational gaps. Watching the younger generation’s reactions to our past is a timeless source of amusement.

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