The Incredible Transformation of Amber Luke, Australia’s “Dragon Girl”

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For Amber Luke, being called Australia’s most tattooed woman is just the start. This body modification warrior has been on an epic quest to rebirth herself into a mythical “Dragon Girl” – her true form and spiritual embodiment. And she’s invited the world along for this mind-blowing, boundary-pushing ride.

Over the past seven years, the 62,300 loyal fans following Amber’s Instagram and her 1.7 million+ TikTok viewers have witnessed her undergo some of the most extreme, painful body modifications imaginable. All in pursuit of that elusive, deeper “emotional connection” she craves.

But let’s rewind to one of Amber’s first big mods that kicked off this metamorphic odyssey – getting her actual eyeballs tattooed. In a raw social media confession, she didn’t hold back describing the sheer anguish: “I was blinded for 3 weeks…the most brutally torturous agony I have experienced to this date so far.”

Yet incredibly, the prospect of revisiting that torturous eye tattooing process didn’t deter Amber. If anything, it stoked her dragon’s fire. After patiently vetting artists for years, she finally found her trusted ally in Gattoo Moreno to take another stab at remaking her oceanic eyes.

Braving the needle’s unrelenting burn, Amber watched transfixed as Gattoo painstakingly blended shimmering blue and black inks into the whites of her eyes. The result? A mind-blowing “galactic” effect that sent her fans into rapturous awe.


♬ original sound – BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON 🐲

“You’re tough girl!” raved one awestruck follower. “Looks like a galaxy,” gushed another. While some might cringe at body mods this extreme, for Amber’s tribe, it’s a courageous masterpiece to behold.

So where does the “Dragon Girl’s” molten metamorphosis go from here? After the euphoric release of achieving this long-awaited oceanic eye transformation, Amber seems in no rush to rest on her fiery laurels.

In the enduring words of this modern-day explorer of human possibility: “I’m evolving every single day on this journey.” You can bet whatever comes next will be just as insane, inspiring and unforgettable as everything she’s transcended so far.

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