The sad dog buries her departed pup; She tries to cover him after his death and won’t leave until she covers everything

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The most unbearable pain and grief for a mother living in the world is the death of her children. It is also a common thing for wild animals. Betty, a dog in Pangasinan, Philippines, was shocked and saddened by the loss of her pet puppy. Despite her maternal instincts, she realized after hours of trying to save the puppy that the puppy was not alive. Heartwarming photos of Betty protecting her dead pet were released on social media after it was buried.

Bettie’s owner Lenny Rose Ellema said the dog buried her dead puppy. The four-year-old dog dug a hole and eventually covered her child’s body, but refused to leave until she was completely covered. Rose said that Betty’s actions were not what she was taught. It is an act unique to her. The heartbreaking moment caught on camera shows Betty filling the hole with dirt and playing with his baby after his death.

Betty’s story highlights the depth of maternal instinct, unlike the protective nature of mortal mothers. Although the loss of a child is a grief and tragedy that no mother can bear, the instinct to keep her seed hidden remains in them even after death. Ultimately, Betty’s story is a poignant reminder of the bond between a mama and her child, mortal or beast.

Her behavior may be spontaneous, but they speak of the kindness and depth of a mother’s love for her children. As for Betty, her legacy will be a testament to the enduring strength of the wild maternal instinct.


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