The Top 10 Moments That Brought Us Happiness This Week

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Lately, I’ve been pondering a great deal about hope—its nature, origins, and how we cling to it when it seems elusive.

Hope is often discussed as if it’s a fixed trait, something you either possess or lack. Yet, hope is a conscious decision. It’s about opting to seek the positive, having faith that circumstances will improve, and actively crafting a mental landscape that surpasses our current reality.

One of Bluekingo’s missions is to facilitate this choice for people, to make it simpler for them to embrace hope. Sometimes, we achieve this by sharing accounts of remarkable individuals; on other occasions, we delve into solutions for the formidable challenges our world confronts. And sometimes, we accomplish it by eliciting smiles or laughter, recognizing the profound benefits of joy.

Selecting hope can be daunting when the world seems shrouded in darkness. However, it’s in this choice that we prevent the shadows from deepening.

With this compilation of heartwarming moments, my aim is for you to find a reason to smile and to continue opting for hope.

#1 Robert Irwin’s Touching Moment Naming the First Bred Baby Turtle after His Father

#2 Adorable Baby’s Reaction to a Spooky Doll Brings Delight to Many


Lily is so thoughtful 😂😂

♬ original sound – brittikitty

#3 Yo-Yo Ma’s Rendition of ‘Going Home’ from Dvořák’s New World Symphony, a Haunting Beauty

#4 The Toddler Band That Steals Hearts from the Very First Note

#5 16-Year-Old Country Singer’s Yodeling Earns a Coveted 4-Chair Turn on ‘The Voice’

#6 Witness the Astounding Intelligence of a Cat as It Solves a Jammed Door Dilemma

#7 The 75-Year-Old ‘Hip-Hop Granny’ Whose Dance Moves Inspire Awe

@fiercefitnessty Reposting this video of Ms.Stephanie & I since it going viral again. This video will always be a vibe. One thing Ms.Stephanie and I created was magic. We dance from our hearts. My classes are always about creating a Fierce vibe for everyone to show up and show out! . #fiercefitness #dancefit #fiercefitnessty #hiphopfitness #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – Fierce Fitness Ty

#8 Bride Defies Tradition to Pay Tribute to Her Mother on Her Wedding Day

#9 Little Girl’s Endearing Affection for the ‘Grandmas and Grandpas’ Upstairs from Her Preschool

#10 Paul Simon and George Harrison’s rendition of ‘Here Comes the Sun’—Pure Uplift for the Soul

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