20 These breathtaking “Before and Now” photos of locations will help you understand the effects of time

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Rephotography, the practice of taking historical photographs of places in their present condition, provides a novel approach to evaluating how time has affected a place. Images from the past and the present can be compared to reveal how much and little has changed. Vintage Photographs In Real Life, a community on Reddit, offers amazing side-by-side photos that highlight these contrasts. See a few of their most stunning images below.

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#1 2022-2022 My hometown Kharkiv in Ukraine

Image source: DmitriyBragin

#2 Poland’s Manufaktura, ód (1994 And 2014)

Image source: hankmeisterr

#3 Remodeling Before and After

Image source: EmmaOlivia402

#4 For 104 years, Elsie Allcock has resided in the same home

Image source: MrMacBro

#5 My grandfather’s restored World War II Hurricane Let Me Fly Today!

Image source: missbazil

#6 Germany’s Düsseldorf, from 1990 to 2019

Image source: Marciu73

#7 Lake Mead 1983 versus 2021

Image source: ZhouLe

#8 “A Canoe Tree Cut By The Early Humans, Almost Probably. 130 years separate these striking images of a river red gum tree

Image source: Achilles_za

#9 (1950s-Semi Recent) 9 The Pines, Fallsburg, NY

Image source: PugetSoundOgre

#10 View of Central Park in New York City looking toward The Beresford Building, 1932–2022

Image source: idkwhattopicktoday

#11 Polish Home Left In Ruins After Being Abandoned. Yet, it has now been made beautiful again

Image source: stevejollifee

#12 From Forgotten To This

Image source: EmmaOlivia402

#13 The Crooked House, also known as The Glynne Arms

Image source: Disagreeable-Tips

#14 Warsaw City Center, 1944/2022, page 

Image source: mieszkogs

#15 San Francisco’s 15 unluckiest homes between 1936 and 2022

Image source: Pandalism

#16 Michigan Central Railroad Terminal, Detroit, Waiting Area (1965 And 2014)

Image source: hankmeisterr

#17 From 1982 and 2022, 17 Crater Lake

Image source: humblehomiesco

#18 Before-And-After Images Of Renovations Done To Abandoned Buildings

Image source: EmmaOlivia402

#19 Japan’s 19 Minami-Sanriku, 2011 vs. 2020

Image source: PreviousBed98

#20 One of the New 7 Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu, Peru, 1915/2020

Image source: Wavywizard8

Rephotography provides a distinctive viewpoint on how objects and locations may change over time. These pictures demonstrate the effects of both natural and human intervention, emphasizing how even the most well-known places may change over time. 


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