Fans are amazed by Vera Wang, 74, as she shares ageless poolside swimsuit photos

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Fashion icon Vera Wang had fans doing a double-take when she shared some poolside swimsuit photos on Memorial Day. The 74-year-old designer looked decades younger, flaunting her trim figure in a classic white one-piece paired with stylish sunglasses.

Credit: Instagram/Vera Wang

“My SLIM AARONS moment … Happy Summer!!!” Wang captioned the Instagram post to her 900,000+ followers, referencing the famous photographer known for his upscale poolside scenes.

Commenters inundated the post with admiration and amazement at Wang’s timeless appearance. “Time seems to halt in your presence,” one admirer remarked. Others expressed their astonishment with comments like, “HOW do you manage to look like this?” while some jokingly threatened to give up their pizza after seeing the photos.

It’s not the first time the fashion mogul has caused a stir with her youthful looks. Many are eager to unlock her secrets. In a 2022 interview, Wang dished on some surprisingly accessible tips – getting plenty of sleep, enjoying a vodka cocktail to unwind each night, and most importantly, maintaining a prolific work ethic.

Credit: Instagram/Vera Wang

“I’ve been in fashion since I was 19…I never thought about youth, probably because I work with the most beautiful women daily,” she explained. “Work – the magic elixir.”

Wang also copped to some guilty pleasures like McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, which she joked must be part of the youth formula along with vodka and sleep. “Basically, I’ve worked my whole life, so it’s really been about work. Keeping busy is the best antidote for good health.”

The mother of two previously told Elle that her company, which she founded at 40, keeps her feeling young “in mind, body, and soul.” Clearly it’s working – Wang’s poolside look could have any millennial gender envious.

Credit: Instagram/Vera Wang

So there you have it – the pillars of Vera Wang’s ageless lifestyle are work, cocktails, junk food…and hopefully some good genes too! Whatever her secret is, it’s clearly effective.

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