Woman Implores Public to Cease Deriding Her Physique After Dismal Disneyland Incident

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A 27-year-old woman has issued a heartfelt plea, urging individuals to desist from body-shaming following a distressing experience at Disneyland.

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Gracie Bon, an online luminary, recounted an unsettling episode at the Paris amusement park where she was subjected to intrusive gawking and derisive laughter, leaving her profoundly discomfited.

Seeking nothing more than to forge joyous memories with her siblings, the TikTok personality’s day was marred by callous onlookers who ridiculed her and snapped unsolicited photos.

“It’s imperative to halt body-shaming,” declared the digital content creator.

Image credits: graciebon1

Gracie Bon, a 27-year-old model, beseeched the public to refrain from body-shaming following an adverse encounter at Disneyland Paris. “I was at Disneyland today,” she revealed in a video uploaded to her social media account on June 3.

“I intended to enjoy the park with my siblings, but our experience was tainted by individuals mocking my physique,” she continued. “The most disheartening aspect is that they are inculcating this behavior in their children. They incessantly took photos, cast disdainful glances, or outright laughed at me.”

The self-proclaimed “Panamanian plus-size model” asserted that her body is a divine endowment and that no one should be persecuted for their physical traits or deviations.

Image credits: graciebon1

“I realize some might think I’m overreacting or that my size is my own doing. But this is truly what God bestowed upon me. I must cherish every aspect,” she stated.

The 27-year-old model expressed that theme park visitors mocked her and gave her “disdainful looks.” “Even if you have a condition or look different, you shouldn’t be tormented for your appearance,” she continued. “I would never disparage someone else’s looks.”

Image credits: graciebon1

The social media star, boasting a following of 3.3 million on TikTok and 6.4 million on Instagram, mentioned she was simply “existing” when she felt assaulted by people’s sneering and snickering at her.

“Respect is paramount. This should be a sanctuary where everyone feels at ease. I was doing nothing wrong, just existing,” she emphasized. “Ultimately, I wanted to enjoy myself like everyone else.”

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As she wrapped up her denunciation of body-shamers, she proclaimed: “If something displeases you, keep your disdain to yourself.”

“Ultimately, she just desired to have fun like everyone else,” but her Disneyland visit was sullied, the influencer recounted. Many came to her defense, with one person remarking: “I wish everyone could just mind their own business, but confidence is crucial.”

“Omg. You are stunning!!!! Are these people insane???” one commented, while another observed, “Perhaps it’s merely something unfamiliar to them, and they’re curious. Nonetheless, that doesn’t entitle them to laugh and demean you.”


Image credits: graciebon1

The Panamanian influencer frequently shares posts about body positivity and her personal transformation journey.

In a prominent Instagram post, Gracie showcased side-by-side images of herself before and after her weight loss journey. She emphasized that she is not “ashamed” of her curves and refuses to harbor self-hatred.

The Panamanian influencer reminded her audience that no one should face derision for their physical traits or differences. “WHAT GOD GAVE ME. You can clearly see in the first picture how my ‘natural’ body appeared, and GUESS WHAT, even then I was subjected to strange looks and body-shaming because I looked different and dressed differently,” she penned in the caption.

Image credits: graciebon1

“So, because I’m a plus-size woman, am I forbidden from wearing what I please and going out? Sorry, but I’m no longer ashamed of my curves and won’t despise my body because you do. Some of you normalize shaming women for simply being themselves. By the way, the thighs match,” she continued.

In April, the OnlyFans model claimed she purchased her own aircraft because her posterior “didn’t fit in plane seats.” She implored travel companies to accommodate larger seats in their aircraft.

The content creator frequently faces speculation about undergoing butt lifts, lip injections, fillers, breast implants, and Botox to alter her appearance.

Gracie stated she has never had facial surgery but has not addressed speculation about other enhancements. While she did not explicitly address all allegations of cosmetic surgery, the internet-famous figure once claimed she had never undergone facial surgery.

Image credits: graciebon1

“How life transforms when you start loving yourself. Grateful to those who have witnessed my evolution and also those who criticize and envy me. And no, I have never had facial surgery,” she asserted, as quoted by Mirror.

Following her Disneyland clip, online critics remarked, “God didn’t give you that body, you paid for it.” Her recent video chiding body-shamers for ruining her Disneyland trip also triggered accusations of cosmetic surgery.

“I didn’t realize your surgeon’s name was ‘God,’” one quipped, while another added, “You can’t claim God gave you that body when you’ve had surgeries to enhance it. If you had remained entirely natural, without any surgeries, it might not look the way it does. Granted…I love it, but God didn’t do that.”


stop body shame.

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Many online castigated the Disneyland visitors for their treatment of the TikTok star.

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