30 Examples Of Women With A Great Sense Of Humor Who Never Fail To Entertain Their Partners

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A person with a good sense of humor is usually entertaining to be around. If your spouse is amusing and knows how to make you laugh, you are surely aware of the wonderful impact humor has on relationships. Take Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, for example, their relationship has lasted more than ten years, and we all know how important comedy is in their relationship.

Some women go above and above to make their relationships joyful and exciting by using their clever and innovative ideas. So, if you feel that your relationship has lost its luster for any reason, you might want to try some of the suggestions below to rekindle the flame. Also, if you want to view some prior postings on hilarious boyfriends and wives, go here and here.

#1 “Come here!” my girlfriend just said. “The Toilet is ablaze!”

Image source: Jamarcus_Mankrik

#2 My husband informed me that I am unable to purchase any further plants due to a lack of space. Mate And Check

Image source: murrene

#3 Girlfriend in Bed

Image source: bishilarious

#4 I Won

Image source: torii_somerss

#5 Today, my GF proposed to me

Image source: LakotaV420

#6 I’m in bed because my wife is breastfeeding

Image source: jonathan-dough

#7 “That’s Dangerous,” my wife said when I first told her I loved her. She slipped this inscription inside my ring when we married a year ago

Image source: frad_darsh

#8 She’s a Keeper, for sure

Image source: beagz

#9 Some Wives Are Sexy, But I’m Not

Image source: kelsey.lovley

#10 My friend’s husband received a fantastic painting of their Derperman Pinscher as a birthday present

Image source: jread

#11 Yes, this is how I informed my husband that we were expecting again

Image source: wavesandlilacs

#12 While I was cleaning the living room, my wife took this unflattering photo

Image source: ActingLikeTheFunPolice

#13 For my Brother’s 35th birthday, my wife modified a 5-year-old birthday card

Image source: luke_and_coley

#14 GF suggested that I photograph her in the bath today. Not what I was expecting, but it turned out to be quite cool

Image source: Grothorious

#15 Today is the birthday of my son. While I was away, my wife emailed this to me. I’m beyond ecstatic

Image source: YoungOrthodox95

#16 For Halloween, my wife decided to dress up like me

Image source: jlblessingjr

#17 My SO Dozes Off On the Couch I Frequently Take Pictures and Set Them as His Phone’s Background. I figured out how to change the app icons tonight

Image source: EskiBean

#18 My husband was craving something sweet. Orange Rolls were made by me.One of these has nacho cheese on it to keep things interesting

Image source: asparagustus_gloop

#19 My wife compared me to Hopper. I’m unable to unseen it

Image source: NonviableCody

#20 While I was at work, my wife sent me this photo to inform me that my jacket was depressed

Image source: maxbrickem

#21 This Is the Cake That His Wife Made for Him After He Had a Vasectomy

Image source: jetery

#22 My boyfriend is unlikely to ask me to pick him up from the airport in the future

Image source: ATLbritta

#23 This Morning, a Friend’s Note to Her Husband

Image source: Tweetystraw

#24 During the lockdown, my wife dressed up for her birthday. This is the result of a lot of whiskeys, boredom, and watching The Tiger King

Image source: whiteboyscared

#25 Every year for his birthday, I get my boyfriend a cake. This year, I inquired as to which type he preferred. “I don’t care,” he said

Image source: shesafireball

#26 My wife and I have been competing to see who can make the most extravagant hot dog. Her Submission

Image source: r00__

#27 Last night, I was blackout drunk. My girlfriend assisted me in recalling what had occurred

Image source: chadneidt

#28 My 25th birthday theme was suggested by my girlfriend

Image source: rockinbobdole

#29 My wife hid this in our backyard for days, hoping I would see it

Image source: ajcpullcom

#30 I photocopied my husband’s phone and left it on his desk, and when he tried to pick it up, I wished I had recorded it

Image source: Hev60


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