13 Things I Discovered Online Today (Vol. LXXXIII)

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#1 Such a Table

Found at the Petra Villas, Santorini.

discovered on Santorini at the Petra Villas.

#2 Only 2.4 miles separate this American community from Russia

On Little Diomede Island, in the U.S. state of Alaska, sits the city of Diomede. The smaller of the two Diomede Islands, Little Diomede is situated in the Bering Strait between the Russian Far East and the Alaskan mainland. The Big Diomede, a Russian island, is the closest neighbor and is only 2.4 miles (3.9 km) away. The sole village on the island is Diomede, which is located on the western side of Little Diomede. 115 people were counted in the population in 2010.

Photos found on Alaska Dispatch.

#3 The Big Fish is set in ruins by Tim Burton

Before/After – via Roadtrippers

The main character of the 2003 movie Big Fish makes several trips to the idyllic hamlet of Spectre. The façade of Spectre was really constructed on a private island in Alabama. Along with the foam trees and another set decorator, the team just left the structures standing once filming was finished. The abandoned sets already had the appearance of having been abandoned for many years because the dilapidated version of the town was the last to be filmed. The cottages, shops, and chapel of Spectre that flanked the main road had originally been left for other stray animals to locate because the entire main highway had been left on the land (with permission from the property owner). Sadly, new explorers indicate that everything has fallen save for the chapel and a few houses. — Atlas Obscura

Photos found by YayPenny found on Lomography.com.

#4 The same man has been hand-painting the marquee of a century-old movie theater for more than 25 years

Photoss by Otis B. Driftwood/  JaBB
More information found on Atlas Obscura

One René Birkner has been painting the theater’s posters for the past 25 years, and he frequently completes them in less than a night.

Atlas Obscura has further details.

#5 A graveyard for rickshaws

Photo by Andrew Biraj

On September 23, 2011, wrecked rickshaws were spotted in a trash yard in Mirpur, Dhaka. In many Bangladeshi towns, rickshaws outnumber vehicles by a wide margin. For the country’s impoverished, who sometimes have no other alternatives, rickshaws represent a significant source of revenue. Police, however, struggle with licensing and safety difficulties for the over 1 million tricycle rickshaws on the road in Dhaka, making the vehicles a big burden. They are thought to be involved in close to half of all traffic accidents in the city. The imagination of Andrew Biraj

#6 The coffee shop was created from a Scottish Police Box

Photographed in Edinburgh, found on Pinterest

#7 A machine that offered cigarettes that were already lighted for one cent

England, 1931, found on History in Pics

#8 Paris’s Montmartre Cemetery

Found on the always lovely Paris-based instagram of @gemmazu.

#9 Mickey Mouse is suicidal

Mickey Mouse faced a problem in a comic strip that appeared from October 8 to October 24 of 1930. Apparently at the end of his rope and believing that there is no hope left for him in the world, Minnie commits suicide after falling for another guy, well, a rodent. These passages from a much longer narrative serve as a reminder of how different life was in the 1930s. Since every organization on Earth would condemn it if it were done with Mickey Mouse or another well-known cartoon character now!

Found on SlightlyWarped

#10 Wine from The Simpsons

Found on UFunk

Two highly creative bottles of wine called”Wine, or maybe not?”were influenced by The Simpsons’colorful universe and Pieter Mondrian’s artwork. Designers Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich came up with a beautiful idea where Homer and Marge see modern art abstractions while sharing a bottle of wine.

#11 The Mrs. America pageant had cooking, sewing, ironing, and party planning category where contenders were scored

More information found here.

#12 An email from the school to its students

View enlarged letter, found on Imgur


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