24-year-old makes history by becoming Victoria’s first Secret model with Down syndrome

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At 24, Sofia Jirau has already achieved numerous lifelong aspirations. Her modeling journey began officially in 2019, and within just a year, she marked her presence at the prestigious New York Fashion Week, a globally significant fashion event. Now, she is making history as the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down syndrome.

As a child, Jirau envisioned herself as a model and businesswoman, a dream she has turned into reality. Hailing from Puerto Rico, she is among the 17 women selected for Victoria’s Secret’s groundbreaking Love Cloud collection of undergarments. The group focuses on comfort for all-day wear and emphasizes inclusivity in its choice of models.

Raúl Martinez, the Chief Creative Director of Victoria’s Secret, recognizes the significance of the Love Cloud Collection, stating, “This campaign plays a crucial role in shaping the new standard at Victoria’s Secret, encompassing the extraordinary women who bring the collection to life and fostering an incredibly inclusive spirit on set.”

Expressing her gratitude on Instagram, Jirau stated, “I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Victoria’s Secret for acknowledging me as a model without limits and for including me in the diverse Love Cloud Collection campaign. Without restrictions, both internally and externally, this campaign embodies boundless possibilities.” Moving beyond modeling, Jirau has achieved her aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur by launching her online store, Alavett, a clever play on her favorite phrase, “I love it.”

Alavett features a range of products, including mugs, phone cases, shirts, and wallets, all adorned with the brand’s name and creatively stylized with an adorable heart extending from the “T” at the end. Being the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down syndrome is just the beginning of Jirau’s remarkable career, and observers eagerly anticipate her future accomplishments.

Encouraging others, Jirau said, “My people, dream big. Inside and outside there are no limits. Thanks to everyone who has congratulated me, I am very happy and joyful.”


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