AI App Converts Users’ Photos Into Yearbook Images from the 90

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High school yearbook photos are a timeless tradition, but only some are pleased with the outcome of their portraits. Enter the Epik app, offering users a unique opportunity to relive their teenage years through a nostalgic lens. This app uses artificial intelligence to turn ordinary photos into nostalgic images from the 1990s.

The trend of these AI-generated makeovers has taken social media by storm, with notable figures like Keke Palmer showcasing the app’s capabilities by sharing their transformed images. To partake in this digital time travel, users simply upload at least eight photos of their faces, allowing the AI to seamlessly merge them with retro bodies inspired by iconic 90s fashion reminiscent of Clueless, presented in classic portrait poses.

Ordinarily, users can expect a 24-hour turnaround for their AI-generated yearbook pictures. However, for those in a hurry, Epik offers an expedited option for an additional fee, providing the transformed images within two hours. Users are consistently astonished by the high-quality results and the natural blending of their faces with AI-generated bodies.

Amidst ongoing discussions about the ethical use of artificial intelligence, Epik addresses privacy concerns by assuring users that all uploaded selfies are promptly deleted from its servers after completing and delivering the nostalgic yearbook portraits. Interested individuals can download the Epik app for free, but access to its transformative functions comes with a minimum cost of $5.99.

In essence, the Epik app has opened up a virtual opportunity for individuals to reimagine and recreate their high school yearbook memories, infusing them with a touch of 90s flair through the innovative application of artificial intelligence.

Source: mymodernmet

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