A massive person is seen lurking just below the surface by the riverboat crew

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Every year, numerous visitors are drawn to Brazil’s Sucuri River, enticed by its pristine waters that flow through verdant woods. During a recent trip, however, they witnessed something even more special.


Despite her grand presence, she was difficult to overlook.

Célio Araújo, a seasoned tour guide with over 20 years of experience in the area, has guided many through the river’s twists and turns. Yet, an encounter earlier this week was unlike anything he had experienced.


As they journeyed down the river, the group spotted a vast silhouette below the water’s shimmering surface. To their amazement, it was a colossal anaconda making its way through the water.

According to Araújo’s calculations, this magnificent creature was roughly 20 feet long! While anacondas often boast impressive dimensions, they are typically elusive, blending seamlessly with the forest underbrush. This time, the snake’s journey across the river gave the tourists a brief yet unforgettable view of her imposing stature.


“It’s not often you come across one,” Araújo shared with The Dodo. “The sight of the snake left the visitors thrilled.” He believes showcasing such moments will inspire a deeper appreciation and reverence for anacondas. Contrary to their intimidating reputation, they generally prefer maintaining a harmonious existence alongside humans.

“When they detect human presence, their initial instinct is to retreat,” emphasized Araújo. “We both maintain our space.”

Source: thedodo


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