Woman Discovers Her Dad Dozing Off With All The Neighborhood Dogs

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Catey Hall often finds her father, Lon Watson, sleeping on the couch, but he’s never alone. Dogs around the neighborhood seem to gravitate to him, forming a cozy canine heap.


“Every day, these dogs eagerly anticipate my dad’s presence, playing and napping beside him,” Catey shared with The Dodo. “As soon as they spot his car, they race to greet him and accompany him inside.”

Lon has a deep-rooted love for dogs. He actively collaborates with the local rescue, Pound on the Hill, ensuring every furry friend receives the care they deserve.

“My dad’s been a haven for strays for as long as I can recall,” Catey reminisced. “Our home always buzzed with the love of a pet dog. But there was forever a spot in his heart and our home for another stray. Living now just with my mom, they’ve opened their doors to multiple dogs. While they team up with local rescues to find these pets new homes, some of them have become permanent family members.”

Currently, the Watson residence shelters four adopted dogs, each rescued and nursed back to health by Lon and his wife.


Yet, his magnetic pull to dogs doesn’t end there. Three neighborhood dogs, Hooch, Fluffer-Nutter, and Rosie, hold a unique bond with Lon and visit him regularly. “In our semi-rural Alabaman neighborhood, with homes generously spaced from the roads, dogs safely hop from one doorstep to another,” Catey explained. “They have this uncanny ability to detect my dad’s truck approaching and excitedly await him at the driveway.”


Fortunately, the area’s human residents are pretty understanding about their pets’ affinity for Lon and would never interrupt their cherished nap sessions with him.


Lon’s magical rapport with dogs doesn’t just end with the neighborhood canines. He also entrances Catey’s dogs. She laughingly notes, “Whenever my dad drops by, my dogs are so smitten, they often try to tag along when he leaves!”

Source: thedodo


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