A same-sex couple received a fine for displaying a pride flag, but their response was both creative and impactful

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A same-sex couple faced a fine from their homeowners’ association (HOA) for displaying a Pride flag, but their response became an empowering act of defiance against discrimination. Jared Deluca, an Arizona realtor, encountered homophobia when the HOA penalized him for the original flag. Unyielding, Deluca removed the initial banner and replaced it with a larger one on a proper, regulation-compliant flagpole.

Image Source: TikTok/Jared Deluca

Deluca and his spouse, Tim, can be seen in a TikTok video constructing the new flagpole and raising a rainbow-colored flag while quietly denouncing the HOA’s discriminating practices. The language in the movie highlights their defiance, saying, “We were penalized by the HOA for the way we hoisted our pride flag. No, we didn’t remove it, though. We expanded.” The couple contests the discriminatory fine and emphasizes how the new flagpole complies with design specifications. They build the legally required flagpole themselves, hoisting the American and the larger Pride flags so that they are more conspicuously shown to the surrounding community.

Delucas argues that the HOA selectively targeted them for minor infractions related to their sexuality, citing lax enforcement of design guidelines for other homes within the community. Deluca expressed his frustration, pointing out instances where design guidelines were not applied to other flags displayed within the community.

Image Source: TikTok/Jared Deluca

The couple’s situation is further explained in another video, detailing prior complaints about the Pride flag on their backyard wall. Even after relocating the flag to their pergola, a common garden feature, the HOA objected, issuing a fine for an “unapproved change” to their property. Rather than succumbing to discriminatory pressure, the Delucas decided to modify their display to comply with HOA rules.

Image Source: TikTok/Jared Deluca

This courageous deed has received recognition for its message of opposing intolerance and has been captured in a video that has received over 2.4 million views. Deluca’s choice to contest the HOA’s discriminatory practices has spurred a more widespread discussion on how HOAs regulate the lives of their members and how crucial it is to oppose repressive laws. The film is an effective way to be reminded of the importance of Pride emblems in helping oppressed people feel like they belong.

Source: upworthy


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