Breaking Stereotypes: Black Mom Adopts White Daughter, Faces Trolls’ Cruel Comments – Her Powerful Response Goes Viral!

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A mother from Greenville, South Carolina, has opened up about the hurtful comments she endures from strangers due to the racial differences between her and her adopted daughter. Jeena Wilder, 32, and her husband, Drue, 32, are parents to five children, ranging in age from six months to nine years. While the couple biologically conceived four of their kids, they adopted an eight-year-old blonde girl in 2019.

Jeena, who is of Haitian-American descent, took to TikTok to share her family’s experiences, showcasing the offensive remarks made by people who assume she cannot be the girl’s mother. In a viral video, both Jeena and her daughter don matching hot pink outfits while she narrates the hurtful comments she often receives.

The comments, displayed on the screen as the video progresses, include assumptions that Jeena must be the girl’s nanny or insinuations about her husband cheating, suggesting the adopted child is a result of an extramarital affair. Jeena responded to the negativity by captioning the video, “This is how some of y’all be acting in my comments.” She urged people to embrace diversity and used hashtags like #blackmomtok, #multiculturalfamily, #interracialcouple, and #family.

Jeena, who frequently shares her family life on social media, received support from commenters who have encountered similar situations in multicultural and interracial families. Some comments expressed frustration with the intrusive nature of such questions, emphasizing the importance of minding one’s own business.

Jeena previously shared details about the adoption process, finalized on October 16, 2019. In an Instagram post, she discussed the challenges and rewards of adoption, emphasizing her commitment to learning about adoptees, first parents, mental health, and other related topics to be the best parent for her daughter.

Despite facing prejudice and judgment, Jeena remains proud of her unique family and uses the platform to teach her children to embrace their individuality. She reflects on the progress made in societal acceptance of diverse families and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to create a family that defies traditional norms.

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