A Thread On Twitter: “Best Dressed Hijabi Edition” Is Flowing With Outfits Too Good To Be True

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Some religions have encouraged their followers to stay in line with apre-defined set of clothes since the beginning of time. Ignoring that rule will be a punishable offense too. Some of these pre-defined clothing patterns change with newer trends, while some stay the same.

Trends change as fast as the world rotates. from one night, the fashion trend that hit fame yesterday will be entirely overturned by another. some people change their ways to get updated with this ever-changing fashion world. But some people improvise the new trends to suit their cultural outfits.

The internet and social media is the best place to find them. These improvised new trends are gorgeous. And they find their righteous fame through social media.

Today’s article is about a thread of photos that went viral on Twitter.

seokthestallion, a black Muslim lady, started a Twitter thread a few years back. It’s called the “Best Dressed Hijabi Edition.”Shewanted to disprove the widespread belief that the Muslim hijab is just a scarf worn on heads. She used this thread to post a series of gorgeous dresses matched up with hijabs posed by various women.

The line went viral almost immediately, receiving more than 210K likes and around 50K retweets all within the same weekshestarted the thread. It became the talk of the world, and many people posted their photos to the “best dressed hijabiedition” thread. I bet that it inspired many women to come out of their box and start living their life.

So we thought of giving you some of that inspiration too.We compiled 20 different outfits posted on the said thread that seokthestallion started. Also, we hope these pictures inspire you to try other fashion trends and enjoy living beautifully.Please scroll down and take your time to admire those outfits; they are all so beautiful.

who knows, you might as well find the inspo and courage to start a trend of your own that might go viral one day. IN the meantime, share this with your family and friends. Help make another viral thread on social media!

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Image source: douaa_el_azizi


Image source: sashfir


Image source: hananalbadri


Image source: sauf.etc


Image source: seokthestallion


Image source: itsnajmaahmed


Image source: hananalbadri


Image source: shahdbatal


Image source: penneyyproud


Image source: itsnajmaahmed



Image source: sauf.etc


Image source: aysenurcoskunn


Image source: itsnajmaahmed


Image source: brinney_


Image source: noore


Image source: brinney_


Image source: khuludd_


Image source: seokthestallion


Image source: hananalbadri


Image source: shahdbatal

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