A Viking burial is unintentionally found by a family searching for a lost earring

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More Info: Kulturarv i Vestfold og Telemark fylkeskommune

Losing a precious earring can be exasperating. However, for a family in Norway, their quest to retrieve a misplaced gold trinket from their backyard unveiled a truly extraordinary revelation. Though it remains uncertain whether they eventually located the absent earring, the Aasvik family stumbled upon something far more remarkable, aided by a metal detector. They chanced upon an early medieval buckle and another artefact that traces back to the Viking era, an exceedingly rare find dating back a millennium. After summoning archaeologists to inspect their discovery, the thrilling news emerged: the family’s rear garden likely conceals the grave of a Viking woman.

Kulturarv i Vestfold og Telemark fylkeskommune
Kulturarv i Vestfold og Telemark fylkeskommune

Residing on Jomfruland, a picturesque Norwegian island, the family’s lovely backyard was the backdrop for the vanished earring. Yet, with the assistance of the metal detector, they swiftly uncovered “a remarkably well-preserved bowl-shaped buckle, along with another item that matches both in age and style.” These silver artefacts boast intricate engravings featuring ornate patterns. It is believed that they are over a thousand years old, likely hailing from the 800s CE. Previous findings pertained to the medieval period, making this discovery the first of its kind from the Viking age (ninth to 11th century CE) on the island.

Kulturarv i Vestfold og Telemark fylkeskommune

The origins of these artefacts are presumed to be burial goods, as suggested by archaeologists, potentially associated with the interment of a woman from the Viking Age. Thankfully, the family promptly sought the assistance of adequately trained authorities, ensuring that any future excavations to locate the resting place would adhere to professional standards. This revelation of grave goods isn’t the only exceptional archaeological discovery in Norway as of late. On the island of Rennesoey, a man wielding a metal detector they stumbled upon a cache of gold jewellery, including rings and pendants. In Europe, unearthing treasures and hoards is expected, given the rich tapestry of ancient history. Many countries have regulations governing such discoveries, underscoring the importance of promptly notifying archaeological authorities when a site of significance is identified, much like the Aasvik family did. Their quest for a lost earring led them to an unexpected encounter with a Viking from a bygone era. In their pursuit, they inadvertently unearthed Viking burial items that had slumbered for millennia.

Kulturarv i Vestfold og Telemark fylkeskommune

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