A woman is shocked when a wild bird converses with her in English

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North Rustico, a charming town along the northern shoreline of Prince Edward Island in Canada, exudes a cozy atmosphere where neighbors routinely exchange greetings during their daily routines.

BY P199 – OWN WORK, CC BY-SA 3.0

This warmth and friendliness have taken an unexpected form of expression. Several months ago, a resident, Lisa Sandoval experienced a peculiar encounter while strolling near the waterfront. Amidst the serene surroundings, she heard someone repeatedly calling, “Hello! Hello!” Perplexed, she turned around to find no one in sight. The mysterious voice persisted, prompting Sandoval to question her senses.

To her surprise, the source of the friendly greeting was revealed to be a crow perched nearby. Sandoval cautiously responded with a tentative “Hello?” and was astonished when the crow echoed, “Hello! Hello!” Further investigation uncovered that Sandoval was not the only town resident who encountered this talking crow. According to local rumors, the bird had been rescued as a baby, injured and vulnerable, by an older man from the vicinity. During the crow’s recovery, the man nurtured it back to health while frequently conversing.


“He let the crow go free when he was well,” Sandoval recounted. “That bird had learned to say hello.” Months later, Sandoval again crossed paths with the talking crow and managed to capture its friendly greeting on video. Remarkably, the crow’s vocalizations, distinct from the typical cawing, resembled human speech.

Sandoval affectionately dubbed the avian conversationalist the “Hello Crow.” Crows, similar to parrots, can mimic human language, making it plausible that the bird’s vocal talents originated from the older man who had once cared for it.

Despite the man’s passing years ago, his legacy lives on through the pleasant feathered friend. The Hello Crow has become a local sensation in North Rustico, with Sandoval being one of the few fortunate individuals to capture the bird’s unique ability on video. As she describes, “He talks but doesn’t caw. He is so funny.” The town continues to cherish the presence of this remarkable and talkative crow, a living testament to the enduring connections between humans and the animal kingdom.

Source: thedodo


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