A woman talks about the small gift she gave her mother that profoundly impacted her life

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The fact that mothers make significant sacrifices, including compromising parts of their identity for their children, is no secret. A recent survey conducted by Baby Center revealed that 22% of mothers often feel reduced to being simply “moms.” Interestingly, these sentiments persist as their children grow older and intensify over time, particularly for those with more than one child.

The sacrifice mothers make is one they would willingly make again despite the inherent pain it brings. However, a recent heartwarming story highlights the potential for change. A daughter decided to gift her mother a simple yet profound reminder to reclaim the person she was before motherhood—an act that proved to be life-changing.

Rachel Sevcik shared this touching story on TikTok. Her mother, who had the privilege of being a full-time stay-at-home mom while Sevcik was growing up, was approaching her 52nd birthday. Simultaneously, Sevcik was heading off to college, leaving her mom an empty-nester. To appropriately honor the occasion, Sevcik went to a boutique and purchased a sign that read “Try.” Accompanying the character was a letter encouraging her mom to explore whatever she had always wanted to but couldn’t because she was putting her children first.

For Sevcik’s mom, the unexplored passion was writing. Eight years after receiving the letter and poster, her mom had joined writers’ groups, published a short story, co-authored a book, and completed her first solo book. She’s already working on her second book, turning 60 in a month. Sevcik proudly shares, “Now when people ask me what my mom does, I say, ‘She’s a writer.'”

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Sevcik’s gesture resonated deeply with online viewers, evoking emotional responses. Many expressed how such a letter and sign would bring them to tears, while others commended Sevcik for understanding the gravity of her mother’s sacrifices at a young age.

The discussion sparked stories of similar victories. Former stay-at-home moms shared their journeys of returning to school or pursuing new careers after their children left home. The conversation encouraged mothers currently raising children and those transitioning to empty nesters.

The overarching sentiment is that recognizing and cheering on mothers in pursuing personal aspirations beyond motherhood could make these aspirations feel less like dreams and more like attainable realities. Until then, stories like Sevcik’s are a source of inspiration and encouragement.

As an intriguing side note, Sevcik plans to reveal the title of her mom’s book on TikTok, leaving the audience curious and engaged.

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