Former California Teachers Open Private School With Alternative Educational Approach

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A husband and wife team have quit their teaching jobs and started their own private school in Florida, driven by their belief that public schools are peddling progressive “lies” to students.

Kali Fontanilla, 41, and Joshua Fontanilla, 42, previously taught at public schools in California. However, they became increasingly dismayed by what they view as the indoctrination of left-wing politics and revisionist narratives around topics like gender, race, and America’s heritage of slavery.

“Public schools have become overly politicized bastions of liberal dogma,” Kali laments. “Teachers can’t just focus on academics anymore – we’re being forced to adopt prescribed positions on hot-button social issues and push those views onto impressionable young minds.”

The final straw for the Fontanillas came after the killing of George Floyd in 2020. Kali, who is biracial, was appalled when her district sent out “Black Educators Matter” face masks.

“Asking teachers to make such a blunt political statement was completely inappropriate,” she says. “What if a white colleague had worn a ‘White Educators Matter’ mask? There would have been outrage – and rightfully so.”

So in October 2021, after over 15 years as California public school teachers, the couple relocated across the country to the Republican-led state of Florida. There, they founded the Exodus Institute, an online private school with the stated mission of providing a “counterbalance” to the “lies” taught in standard curricula.

The school’s motto? A pointed riposte to the system the Fontanillas rejected: “Exit Public Education.”

In less than two years, Exodus has already attracted nearly 200 students across its K-12 program and supplementary “Young Patriots Academy” courses for homeschoolers. Pricing ranges from $2,000 to $8,000 annually for the main academic program.

The offerings are overtly designed to instill “traditional American values” in the next generation. Core classes like math and science are accompanied by multimedia lessons deconstructing perceived liberal narratives around concepts like systemic racism, gender fluidity, and the American Dream.

“We’re refuting the lies of the Left and going back to how this nation’s history and principles were taught for centuries,” says Joshua Fontanilla. “No more communist revisionism or self-flagellating grievance studies.”

Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

While still a fledgling operation, the Exodus Institute has tapped into a growing well of discontent among conservatives over public school curricula. With their bootstrapped academy, the Fontanillas are staking an ideological claim as combatants in America’s escalating education wars.

Source: dailymail

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