Are Dogs The Best Friend Of Man Or The Best Friend Of Mud?

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Numerous individuals worldwide have canine companions that revel in nothing more than leaping and frolicking in the nearest muddy puddle. This inclination for rolling around in mud and muck is distinct from humans, often leaving dog owners perplexed and less than enamoured with the muddy escapades. Granted, the aftermath involves giving your dog a shower, which can be quite a hassle. However, penalizing your furry friend for this conduct is akin to severing them from their innate wild instincts.

Dogs can quickly become overstimulated by changes in their surroundings, whether the rain, inviting puddles, or the water cascading down into the drains. The allure of mud can cause a canine to lose itself in the moment, enveloped in a layer of earthiness that seems to consume its entire consciousness. While it may appear to be a temporary act of insanity, it is, in fact, a manifestation of instincts rather than true madness.

At times, dogs exhibit a sense of pride reminiscent of what we associate with pigs—particularly when indulging in a hearty roll and leap in the mud. It’s not madness; it’s akin to a child dancing in the rain or playing in the mud. Such behaviour often stems from boredom and a lack of alternative activities.

Speculation exists that this behaviour is instinctual, rooted in predatory instincts. Rolling in mud or other substances can mask their scent, enhancing their ability to approach prey stealthily. Mistakes made early in a dog’s life can have enduring consequences, shaping their behavioural tendencies.

We were raised in a world where dogs are ubiquitous, and while we may think we understand them, it’s crucial to recognize that dogs are an entirely different species. They inherently exhibit behaviours unique to their kind. Dogs, remarkable creatures in their own right, adeptly adapt to the human way of life, adjusting their behaviour to meet their needs while retaining their distinct canine essence. As responsible owners, we help them strike a balance rather than succumbing to the human inclination to label them as foolish, disobedient, or naughty.















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