Billionaire’s Spouse Issues Threat to Woman Refusing to Sell Instagram Handle

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Taking your husband’s last name is an age-old tradition for newly married women. But one ridiculously entitled rich bride took it way too far when she ruthlessly harassed a total stranger into demanding her Instagram username after tying the knot.

Image credits: katherinedrisc
Image credits: katherinedrisc

Katherine Driscoll recently married into the mega-wealthy Asplundh family, whose tree service company is valued at a staggering $5 billion. Like many modern brides, the fresh Mrs. Asplundh wanted a new Insta handle reflecting her new married identity as @katherineasplundh. Problem was, that username was already taken by another woman also named Kate.

Image credits: katherinedrisc

Instead of just picking a different username like a normal person, Katherine Asplundh flew into an obscene fit of bridezilla rage. She repeatedly messaged the innocent account holder, at first politely asking to purchase the coveted handle, claiming “celebrities do it all the time.” When Kate pointed out that selling usernames violates Instagram’s policies and could risk an account ban, Asplundh’s messages quickly turned threatening and unhinged.

Image credits: katherinedrisc

Screenshots of the insane exchange, which went massively viral on Reddit, are simply jaw-dropping. After her target refused to voluntarily give up the @katherineasplundh handle, the delusional newlywed wildly claimed her ultra-rich husband’s family were the only Asplundhs on planet Earth.

Image credits: katherinedrisc

“Katherine Asplundh? Yeah, right,” she scoffed derisively. “No one would use their real name for a finsta account. I’ve already reported you to Instagram, and they can trace back to your actual identity. If I know you in real life, you’re going to be mortified when they expose who you really are.” Her voice dripped with smug satisfaction at the prospect of unmasking the anonymous user.

Image credits: katherinedrisc

The harassment only escalated from there, with Asplundh demanding to see “proof” that her target’s name was legitimately Katherine Asplundh. When the woman stood her ground, the spoiled brat lashed out: “Just did, and my fiance [sic] too,” referring to reporting her Instagram account.

Image credits: nosybystanders

Naturally, the unbelievable entitlement and straight-up cyberbullying triggered a massive backlash across social media. “It seems concerning that she is engaging in confrontational behavior on social media during what is typically considered a joyful period after getting married.” one commenter asked. Others suggested she should change her name to “Karen” instead of Asplundh.

Image credits: NYCinfluencersnark
Image credits: NYCinfluencersnark

While a few shockingly voiced that they would have just taken the money to give up their username, most were appalled by the bridezilla’s unbelievably atrocious behavior towards a total stranger. “The pivot from ‘hey girly’ to LET ME SEE YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE gave me whiplash,” one Reddit user perfectly summed it up.

Image credits: NYCinfluencersnark

At the end of the shocking exchange, the admirably calm recipient of Asplundh’s rage informed her tormenter: “If you were nice, I would have considered giving it to you for free. But you weren’t. I reported you for asking me to sell my account and [submitted] another report for harassing me. Have a good day.”

@nosybystanders #greenscreen yall why is this #microinfluencer trying to muscle this girl out of her #ig handle. #influencer #katherineasplundh #sold ♬ original sound – 💫NOSY💫

The unbelievable vitriol and arrogance from the new Mrs. Asplundh should serve as a glaring warning of how unchecked wealth and privilege can turn someone into an utter nightmare person. While many brides get caught up in wedding fever, this bridezilla clearly took it to an abusive, criminal level that’s simply indefensible. Here’s hoping the tree tycoon hubby has a tight prenup!

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