Dog is elected mayor of a small Californian town for the third time

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In the serene surroundings of Southern California lies a charming small town, Idyllwild, that has redefined political leadership by entrusting the mayoral responsibilities to canine companions for over a decade. This quaint, non-incorporated town is renowned for its amiable dog mayors, with Mayor Max III, a captivating golden retriever, currently holding the esteemed position.

The legacy of canine mayors in Idyllwild was initiated in 2012 with the election of Max I. Sponsored by Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends (ARF), this groundbreaking electoral process saw the charismatic 12-year-old golden retriever triumph over 14 canine contenders and a few feline aspirants. However, the jubilation was short-lived as Max I bid the world farewell nine months into his term.

ARF, in their wisdom, had orchestrated a seamless succession blueprint. Max II ascended to power, marking the commencement of a nine-year tenure characterized by compassion and unity. Accompanied by Deputy Mayor Mikey and Deputy Mayor Mitzi, the golden retriever triumvirate famously known as “the Mayors of Idyllwild,” graced the town with unmatched devotion.

The passing of Max II in July 2022 was a sad moment for Idyllwild. Though green and unseasoned, the deputy mayors momentarily took the reins before the vibrant Max III was inaugurated in December 2022. Under the tutelage of his Chief of Staff and guardian, Phyllis Mueller, Max III has exhibited an exuberant spirit, becoming a beacon of hope and joy for the residents.

Mueller encapsulates the canine political ethos as an epitome of unification and affection. “Our approach to politics is infused with jubilation; we steer clear of divisiveness,” she articulates. Max III has blossomed in this aura of positivity, radiating warmth and congeniality akin to his esteemed predecessors.

Idyllwild pulsates with life and vibrancy, with many venturing to this haven to witness the magnetic allure of Mayor Max III. His presence is a testament to the town’s unwavering belief in love and unity. His visits often grace schools, hospitals, and the town center, each celebrating the harmonious spirit that defines Idyllwild.

Join the triumphant journey of Mayor Max on Instagram, and immerse yourself in a world where politics and love intertwine, painting a portrait of a town where unity and harmony reign supreme. For over a decade, Idyllwild has been a testament to the enchanting possibilities unlocked when love leads the way.

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