The dog decides to participate after observing the actor playing the dead

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Earlier this week, a group of first responders and medical students gathered for a training exercise in a square in Puerto Montt, Chile. The scenario involved a staged accident—a simulated collision between a vehicle and a cyclist, with an actor portraying the injured cyclist on the ground.


To everyone’s surprise, an unexpected participant decided to join in. It turned out to be Gigante, a beloved local dog. Somehow, Gigante had caught wind of the demonstration and decided to get involved. What followed was a heartwarming twist to the otherwise somber exercise.

Gigante sat down beside the “injured” actor in a charming display of empathy and played dead, mirroring the scene.

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Gigante’s acting skills were noticed. As the first responders tended to the simulated crash victim, they also took a moment to give Gigante some well-deserved attention and pets.


His participation wasn’t surprising for those acquainted with Gigante, like animal advocates Jaramillo Pame. Despite his large size, Pame described Gigante as having the spirit of a playful puppy. Whenever there’s an event in the square, Gigante is in the middle, reveling in the attention.


While Gigante may not have a traditional family, Pame emphasized that the entire community cherishes him. “He’s surrounded by love and companionship. Everyone knows him and showers him with affection and food,” Pame remarked. “And he never fails to bring smiles with his playful antics.”

Source: thedodo


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