Gothic mansion of a reclusive eccentric artist abandoned

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I almost soiled myself when I first saw pictures of the outside of this house, to quote Brooks from Shawshank Redemption.

A few people, including myself, were passing around a photo in the late year of2020 in an effort to locate it.

I was able to obtain the coordinates, but getting there wasn’t going to be a quick trip, so I would have to schedule it as a stop on a long road trip. In March, I set out in that direction, but, as luck would have it, there was no access to the house because the snowdrifts surrounding it were actually waist-high.

After a few months had passed, several other explorers released some inside pictures and sent them my way. I had previously seen interiors from other explorers, and I immediately realized that this was my chance!

A few weeks later, I was driving and prayed to Sweet Baby Jesus that it was still open. Baby J smiled down at me as I got closer and saw that a big piece of particle board had been removed from the door!

Unfortunately, due to the lengthy travel, it was already dark when I arrived; nevertheless, thank the good Lord for Lume Cube, as I was still able to utilize my lights for both my video and images.

The oddball resident of this custom-built property was of strong Polish origin and had close family links to Western Canada. After retiring from a 25-year career with Air Canada as a mechanical engineer, his father moved to Sturgis, Saskatchewan, where he lived with his wife from 1978 until his death in 1990.

The lonely man who lived here was a mechanic and a draftsman by profession. He loved tinkering on cars, collecting model airplanes, and listening to music. Hidden speakers were installed throughout the main level of this home—behind walls, inside of furniture, in the ceiling, and wherever else he could.

There isn’t much information about this man online; all I could find was that he died on March 10th, but I couldn’t figure out what year. After his passing, a request was made for any potential creditors who may have been owed money by him to come forward.

After his passing, the house stood empty and in disrepair for a while before being sold at a tax sale in March 2021 for just over $100,000.










































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