Investigating a Forgotten House in Ontario, Canada

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On a backroad between Burlington and Kingston, Ontario, Canada, this abandoned house was a chance discovery. On my yearly fall road trip, as I often do, I was traveling between destinations and, instead of focusing on the road in front of me, I was looking at the houses to my left and right. I noticed an old, abandoned-looking house behind the mailbox that was crammed full of flyers and old mail.

When I stopped my car to take some exterior pictures, a young man came out to tell me that although they were filming a music video inside, I was welcome to enter and take pictures if I wanted.

As I enter, I find the abandoned home to be surprisingly clean; often, the stair railing and newell post are destroyed or missing, but this one appears to have escaped vandalism and graffiti.

I didn’t get the names of the people or the artist, so I'm sorry I can’t share it with you here. The guys inside were filming some sort of rap video when they took a break to let me wander about and do what I wanted.

Anyway, this was a brief break during a long weekend road trip, so I thought it was deserving of a short gallery, so here it is!

The video must have contained footage of burning foam mannequin heads because the stench of burning styrofoam was very strong.

More Info (You Tube Freaktograph)

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