The Green Mile’s Prison Is A Terrifying Tribute To The Celebrated Film

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An urban explorer has documented the eerie ruins of the once-bustling prison that was used to film The Green Mile and record songs by Johnny Cash.

There are eerie images of an execution chamber, an abandoned phone system, and the interior of a rusted multi-story cell block. Another image displays a warehouse filled with cardboard boxes and used work overalls belonging to the prisoners.

Other pictures in the collection show how the prison’s once-used medical and dental facilities have been abandoned since it stopped housing offenders more than twenty years ago.

American photographer Jeff Hagerman captured the striking images after finding the Tennessee State Prison close to Nashville, Tennessee. Since it was shut down in 1992, the prison has been left in ruins.

Jeff noted that the building was in surprisingly decent shape given how long it had been exposed to the elements.

“Places that have been abandoned and let to deteriorate over time are as beautiful as anything you will ever see, if not more so.

“I particularly enjoy old prisons because of their rich history.

This place saw a lot of bizarre events, many of which no one will ever even be aware of.

“I think people should be able to see this prison’s interior and history because they are both fairly Spectacular”

In 1898, the Tennessee State Prison was inaugurated. The prison had 800 single-occupancy cells when it first opened, but more than a thousand inmates soon outnumbered them.

In addition to serving as a backdrop for popular movies like The Green Mile and The Last Castle, Johnny Cash recorded his 1976 CD A Concert: Behind Prison Walls at the facility.

“I have a relatively short window of time once I’ve obtained access to the building before someone might ask me to leave” Jeff continued.

“I move fairly swiftly. Since I don’t take many pictures, I spend a little more time to set up my photograph just how I want it before pressing the shutter.

“Taking pictures of these locations before they all go has now turned into a passion of mine”


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