Jennifer Lopez’s Icy Response to Met Gala Reporter Leaves Viewers Stunned

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Jenny from the Block? More like Jenny from the Dungeon with that bone-chilling response! Jennifer Lopez is catching all kinds of flak after serving up a frosty look at this year’s Met Gala that would make the White Walkers blush.

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The multi-hyphenate megastar, who was tapped as a co-chair for the big night, had people dragging her to filth on social media after a red carpet interview gone wrong. USA Today reporter Anika Reed was just trying to get the scoop on who Lopez was wearing, a standard query for these fancy shindigs. But instead of graciously dishing deets on her designer ‘fit, JLo hit her with a terse “Schiaparelli” before continuing her strut up the iconic Met steps.

Reed shared the icy exchange on TikTok, Its viral spread was swift, amassing millions of views in a short span of time. comments calling out Lopez’s perceived rudeness. “Not you getting the JLo experience,” one person joked, adding a boxing glove emoji for that extra *chef’s kiss* of shade.

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Others piled on with quips like “She exudes such ~warmth~” and “I would have responded with…’Thank you Shakira!'” The latter is an obvious nod to Lopez’s 2020 Super Bowl drama with Shakira. Yikes, talk about holding a grudge!

Even the reporter herself got in on the roasting, captioning the clip: “JLo briefly told me about her look for the night: Schiaparelli.” Because that’s exactly what she did – briefly.

Image credits: Page Six

To be fair, this was Lopez’s 14th rodeo at the Met Gala. Her custom Schiaparelli look reportedly took 800 hours of labor with its 2.5 million hand-embroidered beads and bugles. Maybe she was just hangry after starving herself into that skintight number?

Whatever the reason, it’s a far cry from the rough-and-tumble “Jenny from the Block” persona Lopez has cultivated over the decades. Maybe she’s finally gonna admit it was all a front and she’s really more of a “Jennifer from the Hamptons” these days?

@heyyyitsanika #metgala co-chair (and my birthday twin) @JLO briefly told me about her look for the night: Schiaparelli. #metgalaredcarpet #metgal2024 #jlo #jenniferlopez #redcarpet #schiaparelli ♬ original sound – Anika Reed

This Met Gala mess comes just two months after Lopez caught heat for another cringeworthy video. This time, she was promoting her latest album with bad acting that would make the Ren-Faire Players wince. Seriously, her dramatic hairbrushing while reminiscing about her “no limits” Bronx origins? Chef’s kiss levels of delicious cringe.

At the end of the day, we’ll give J.Lo the benefit of the doubt on her latest bout of diva behavior. Maybe she really was just hangry. Or maybe she’s finally embracing her true identity as J.Lithium after all these years in the spotlight. Either way, it’s a runway moment we won’t soon forget!

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