Kids Are An Adorable Struggle. Check Out These Animal Parents!

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We, people, are very aware of the struggle it is to raise kids. They are still fun and adorable to look at and sometimes hilarious. The way kids try to mimic their parents and act like adults is precious. Still, it doesn’t happen only in the world of humans. Even animals go through very similar (yet more fun to look at) experiences when they become parents.

Once in a while, we encounter viral internet photos of animals with their kids. So, we thought of collecting some epic photos of animal parents. We can see that these little kids are troublemakers even through these pictures. The way they use parents as their beds is the most hilarious of all.

Oh, but enough small talk. You must be itching to gaze at these pictures and have a good laugh. Well, 30 adorable animals are struggling with their little yet big-time troublemakers. All you got to do is scroll down. Don’t forget to pause for a moment of laughter before you scroll down to the next.

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01. Come on, dad, I’ll walk you

Image source: AzorAhai69

02. My sanity disappeared

Image source: Valens

03. The struggle is a real friend

04. The best bed ever!

Image source: DD1234567

05. Keep an eye on them while I take a quick nap, will ya?

Image source: Марина Фомичева

06. Too much of too much

Image source: aerrorfree

07. Who said HAVE KIDS?

Image source: theincredibullz.or

08. I give up

Image source: NutritionStrength

09. Leopard mom and cub in Okavango Delta in Botswana

mage source: suzieszterhas

10. I copy

Image source: camymilla


11. My precious

12. Cuddle, cuddle

Image source: sidshembekar

13. Stop staring and help me!

Image source: Ticklebiscuit

14. Baby iguana and its mother

Image source: enderariias

15. Naptime

Image source: Aramgutang

16. What did I get myself into?

Image source: CYBERSson

17. Like mom, like son

Image source: danielbenitez1990

18. It’s the perfect family

Image source: ComfortableWash430

19 they said to follow dad

Image source: HMfly

20. Sleepyheads

Image source: Adam_Lewis243

21. Wake up lazy

Image source:  i-c-e

22. Nice cushion

Image source: SWIMxGOD

23. It’s called a father’s love

Image source: iam_thehulk

24. Oh, no. Am I pregnant?

Image source: NoctuaMasterRace

25. Check out this cutie

26. Spicy and feisty

Image source: SecretIdentity_

27. Please help me!

Image source: Марина Фомичева

28. Momma bear, baby bear

Image source: cheesybstrd

29. Parenting, ha!

Image source: what-whhhaaaaattttt

30. Can we get a nanny?

Image source: fiftynineminutes



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